What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Saint Paul’s “new” mayor, Melvin Carter, kicks off his reign over a decaying city with a sclerotic, unresponsive bureaucracy and an epic entitlement bubble, acres of unproductive property, a failing school system, a rising crime rate…

…by assailing the National Anthem.   And doing it ignorantly and wrongly, by the bye.

Thanks, neighbors.

8 thoughts on “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

  1. Look for St. Paul to go down the drain within two years.

    I wonder how the son of a St. Paul cop, is so clueless?

  2. His grandfather was a janitor at a high school. His father was a cop and his mother a teacher. The Mayor spent his life in Democrat political positions. As far as I can tell, nobody in his family has ever met a payroll.

    Reminds me of Barry Obama.

  3. C’mon JD. All that community organizing means he is the only one allowed to feel your pain. He is the only one with empathy and wherewithal to make your life better at everyone else’s expense – whether you want his help or not. By golly, the help will be delivered and rammed down your throat.

  4. Having grown up near Gary, and having gone to college with a lot of young people from Detroit, suffice it to say that unless St. Paul makes a U turn and soon, I am not optimistic. They can become Minnesota’s answer to DC in a hurry.

    And why? Because why on earth would a race hustling poverty pimp start to admit what the real problems are in one’s city? It would be electoral suicide. Tell people instead that their real problem is from outside as they watch their own children trash their own homes.

  5. Wake up MN, the major cities are all but lost to liberal/progressive politics. Get out as fast as you can, let them own the cesspools they’re creating. Outstate MN will welcome you.

  6. Outstate MN will welcome you.

    Build the welfare office, and they will come.

  7. Build the welfare office, and they will come.

    No kidding I used to work in a little electronics factory in Waseca that was right next door to the county welfare office, and yes, a lot of single moms that worked at the factory went to that office on lunch break. It was depressing.

    Sort of to the topic, the sad reality is that outstate is only a generation or so behind the big cities. Unless the cultural trends are reversed, we are all Detroit.

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