Is It A Double Standard, Or Two Half-Standards?

When is lack of “privilege” a good thing?

When you commit a crime that’s part of “Feminism’s” narrative.

When a rape is committed against women at “elite” institutions (or not even actually committed, in some cases), by fellow student’s, it’s national news.

When the victim is a girl that works for a living, and the perp is just a common criminal?  The crickets care:

3 thoughts on “Is It A Double Standard, Or Two Half-Standards?

  1. If the battle is between the viragos of academia and rich frat boys, I have no favorite.
    But I will say that the rich, entitled frat boy looms as large in the imagination of academics as the dirty, money grubbing Jew did 90 years ago.

  2. And if it happens in Malmo, police just tell you it was your fault for having the gall to venture outside.

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