Oh The Stories Have Been Told Of NARN In Days Of Old…

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Today on the show:

  • What do do about Al Feranken – and his supporters.
  • Greg Joseph, on the appeals court case against Bloomington’s North Korean trash collection system.

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2 thoughts on “Oh The Stories Have Been Told Of NARN In Days Of Old…

  1. Franken’s biggest regret: Governor Mark Dayton. Why? Dayton can make Franken an easily replaceable sacrificial lamb for the left by appointing a senatorial replacement as liberal, or more liberal, as the both of them put together. Why have so many Democrats been quick to call for “never-been-funny Al” to step down? Because it costs them nothing — no Senate seat is endangered. Now, if there was true penitence on their part, the left would advocate for the appointment of Nick Coleman to replace Franken. The chance of that happening? Zero.

  2. Kudos to Alabama’s GOP leadership for continuing to support Roy Moore’s candidacy. If Moore were to withdraw, one more Democrat would fill a Senate seat. If he pulls out a win, but Mitch refuses to seat him, or he is voted out by a 60-vote majority, Alabama’s Republican governor, Kay Ivey, has the option to appoint his replacement. This is perhaps the best for which we can hope.

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