The Right Profile

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

It doesn’t matter how hard they worked, or how much they know.  The authors of the report are not morally qualified to express an opinion: they are the wrong caste. 

Can’t wait until the sewer line stops up and they can’t find anybody to unplug it because none of the plumbers have politically correct qualifications.

Joe Doakes

When all signaling is virtue-signaling, then the signal-to-noise ratio is infinitesimal.

3 thoughts on “The Right Profile

  1. “Thoughts and prayers” should be avoided because it is a cliche, not because it is “virtue signaling.”
    Virtue signaling is supposed to signal virtue, after all. I’m not sure how saying your thoughts & prayers are with the victims of some tragedy signals virtue.What should they say? “Glad they are dead”?

  2. At any rate, believing that person’s abilities are circumscribed by his or her race is, of course, they very essence of racism.

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