Cool To Hate

What was it, yesterday?  When I said the whole “Always believe the accuser” thing was going to go by the boards how that Al Franken (aka “The John Oliver of 2005) is in whatever “crosshairs” the media spares for liberal icons?

I’d like to say it was a parody – something too clumsy yet fiendish for The Onion.  It’s not, of course.

And I’d like to say it’s just another Metrocrat crank – but as MSNBC showed us yesterday, it’s not.

So the takeaway is “Slut-Shaming is bad” – unless you’re defending a Democrat.

Anyway – Franken apologized yesterday, in a very well-crafted statement.  But when I read this bit here…:

“But I want to say something else, too. Over the last few months, all of us—including and especially men who respect women—have been forced to take a good, hard look at our own actions and think (perhaps, shamefully, for the first time) about how those actions have affected women.

Did he just name all men as co-defendants?

That’d be quite the trick.

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  1. When I was young, I used to play “radio Tokyo” with girls. The joke is you ask her to stick her arms straight up (so they resembled radio antennas), then you put your put your fingers on her nipples and (gently) turn them while saying, very seriously, “come in tokyp! Come in Tokyo!”
    Of course, I was sixteen when I did this, not fifty-five.

  2. Who shamed this woman? Where in that statement was she shamed? The comment says clearly Franken didn’t touch her when that photo was taken and SHE AGREES. So, Mitch, where is that?

    So Mitch, your parody wasn’t parody, what it is showing is you were wrong. The left lived to it’s values and condemned Franken. He condemned himself and took responsibility. When is your President going to do the same? More to the point, when are you going to hold him accountable?

  3. Blah, wish I could edit my comments.. ok, I agree, this asshat blamed her. She IS a right-wing jockey who clearly coordinated this with Roger Stone, but that in NO WAY excuses Franken.


  4. Sadly it seems that for some Leeann Tweeden isn’t as righteous a woman as say…………Erin Maye Quade.

  5. The tool that authored this screed, should be outed.

    I just heard a report on radi that several women who worked with Stuart Smalley, have come out to defend him, stating that he always treated them with the utmost respect and was always a defender of womyn’s rights.

    As usual, the scum ball Democrats are circling the wagons.

  6. How can you compare the allegations against Moore to Franken? One woman was young, the other old, the cases completely different.

    Moore: he kissed me and touched me when I was too young to give consent.
    Franken: he kissed me over my objection and touched me when I was asleep and unable to give consent.

    Non-consensual sexual contact alleged in both cases – seems pretty similar to me

    Moore: All the Democrats and Establishment Republicans hate him.
    Franken: All the Democrats and Establishment Republicans love him.

    By golly, they ARE completely different. I guess that makes it okay, then.

  7. Right wing radio jockey? She’s on a sports show. If you’re going to do guilt by association, maybe get the associations right? And “aggressive about her sexuality”? Um, what about “very pretty and has made a living because men like looking at her” instead? I’m also pretty sure her boyfriend wasn’t in the room when Franken forced a spit-swapping on her, either.

    Honestly,the criticism sounds like something from a 1960s revivalist. I thought the left wasn’t keen on that, but I sit corrected.

  8. The Democrats are calculating whether Franken can win in 2020. If they decide that he can not, they will ditch him and Dayton will appoint a less toxic successor.

  9. MP, nail head meets hummer. Very astute observation. Frankenstein is about to become a sacrificial useful idiot. It would also allow libturds to claim moral high ground. I am sure there is more smoke than usual in the smoke-filled rooms these days in the basements of the swamp that is DC with all the plotting and triangulating.

  10. Good catch – swamp gas filled rooms in the basement. At least this helps explain the mindlessness and madness of what goes on in DC.

  11. The entirety of the left’s leadership has repudiated Franken’s conduct, Joe.

    The NEAR entirety of the right remains silent on Trump’s conduct, Joe.

    Do you see that?

    Mammuthus, you’ve finally said something with which I can agree. That IS what the Dems are doing. Little different than the Repugs on Trump – though there IS one distinction, see above…

    Mitch, I think you and I agree that people whether at UC Berkely or some school in CT, should be allowed to speak. I saw you criticize the left for rejecting Milo Yanapolis (I think that was his name – guy from Brietbart)

    Will you do the same with this story:

    Or is it yet another example of a double-standard by the right?

  12. Hey Boohoo, which Dems circled the wagons vs. the 10,000 who didn’t? Whereas on Trump, five criticized him meaningfully, vs 63M who voted for him.

    Look, here’s what I THINK we all agree upon. When someone does something despicable, they deserve condemnation. If it’s repeated conduct, they deserve repudiation and a withdrawal of our trust and support. I personally give Franken some props for admitting he erred. IF, and look back at my recent posts, IF more women come forward, Franken is DONE and should be. I think you’ll find the left will be consistent on that, they can’t be otherwise, this issue is too hot for that. That shouldn’t be the bell-weather but it is.

    The counterpoint though, is this. The right champions faith, God, the Bible, the 10 Commandments etc.. there can be NO silence from a group which champions piety and Godly virtues which do and SHOULD include no adultery and certainly no pedophilia. To be true to those values, the right has to reject Moore, and frankly, has to reject Trump. Even those who aren’t Evangelicals (who mysteriously support Trump more than the rest of the GOP), even those rank-and-file GOPers should be rejecting Trump based on their outrage about Clinton.

    All I’m asking you guys to do is to live to that standard. I do, and nearly everyone I’ve heard comment on the left does. Sure, you’ll find some asshat who didn’t, but I don’t just you by Alex Jones, don’t judge me by Abbe Hoffman. Be observant in your assessment, the MSM has covered the Franken story soup-to-nuts, the left’s leadership has NOT said “if true”, they’ve said “shame on you Al”, and Franken himself has not refuted this. The conduct isn’t close and neither should your assessment be that the right has operated on as equally a moral plain on this one. Well, not if you’re being honest at least.

  13. Pen, let’s walk you through this. In the Moore case, there are multiple accusations, and the other evidence–no phone in the girl’s room, no examination of the yearbook and similarity to a divorce decree, no ban from the mall–tends to place at least some of those accusations in doubt.

    In contrast, there are multiple pictures of Franken groping women in public, and his “comedic” work can only be charitably described as often sleazy. It is really breathtaking, in my view, to see the party that’s worked tirelessly to normalize smut suddenly all concerned about a woman’s previous moral character now that it’s their guy being accused.

    A final note is that given that the USO photographer just provided that picture without thinking anything of it, I’m guessing there will be more revelations from the ranks of USO performers. Somebody had obviously gotten used to a fair amount of harassment in that scene.

  14. “She’s a right wing radio jockey who is aggressive with her sexuality”

    Not too different of a justification from “well, given how she was dressed, what do you expect? She was asking for it.” Weren’t women SUPPOSED to be able to be “aggressive” with their sexuality, or be able to wear as revealing and enticing of outfits as they so choose, without the fear of being lowered to nothing but a piece of meat? Apparently that doesn’t apply to “right wing” women.

    I highly doubt anyone from the left would be so forgiving had it been a Republican senator who pulled a similar move on someone like Randi Rhodes.

    Utterly and empirically hypocritical, and ABSOLUTELY what we have been conditioned to expect from the left. If it weren’t for double standards, the left would have none.

    “He didn’t actually grope her, he just had his hands near her flak jacket”

    Yeah, you try going up to a liberal woman and making groping motions 3 inches from her breasts with a lecherous smirk on your face, and see how she likes it.

    However, if she knows you’re a liberal/progressive Democrat, she might be flattered at the attention of a like-minded soul (similar pictorial evidence exists of Joy Behar enjoying having Franken latch on to her boob). I’m sure she would be reviled if a Republican attempted that.

  15. Lest we forget, Kathy Griffin planted a kiss on co-host Anderson Cooper’s crotch on live TV. Crickets, pretty much

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  17. Hey Penny,

    Would you say the same thing if that was your sister, wife or daughter?! You left wing moonbats are such f-ing hypocrites!

  18. Who shamed this woman? Where in that statement was she shamed?

    You’re kidding, right? “She’s a right wing jockey (?) who’s aggressive with her sexuality”.

    What do you call that?

    News for you Democrats – because someone’s wearing a short skirt, or even working as a stripper, is not license to molest people.

  19. “There were other people present, including her boyfriend.”

    He boyfriend (now husband) was a pilot for the California Air National Guard. Anyone care to bet if “present” means “busy flying the ****ing plane”?

  20. I claim the Left and Establishment Republicans are treating Franken differently from Moore. Penigma claims the entirety of the Left’s leadership has repudiated Franken but nobody has repudiated Trump.

    Who cares about Trump? This is about Moore. This is about Alinsky’s Rules being applied both directions.

    The very same day that the suspiciously timed and dubiously supported allegations against Moore were published, a chorus of Establishment Republican leaders called on him to withdraw from politics. Which Democrats have called on Franken to withdraw from politics? Not Hillary or Bernie. Not Perez or Ellison at the DNC. Not Amy in the Senate or McCollum in the House. Not Governor Dayton.

    Instead, Democrat’s first instinct is to deny, defend, disparage – exactly as Pen’s 11:22 comment illustrates. Mitch is exactly right. The Left behaved exactly as predicted. The Left’s actions, more than mealy-mouthed words, reveal its true beliefs. And seeing clearly what the Left believes goes a long way toward explaining why the people who support Moore, like Trump and Cain and Thomas before them, are not falling for the political dirty trick this time.

  21. Here’s the best way to look at this mess: Clinton was impeached for obstruction of justice and perjury, not adultery, and not “sexual harrasment.” Clinton was not impeached over sex. Clinton and the Dems, tho, wanted the impeachemnt to be over sex. How can you impeach a president over a consensual affair, especially if his wife stands by him?
    Now it is 19 years later and current Democrat ideology says the affair itself was impeachable, so they have a dilemma, especially given the Clintons power within the Democrat party.

  22. Reeeally enjoying watching teh Peevee jump and squirm like a maggot in hot oil.

    I didn’t need another reason to tell a reprobate leftist to STFU, GTFO and take their pathetic asshattery with them but they just keep supplying them.

    Oh, and bonus points for telling us you are *personally* acquainted with Franken; concerned about poor Franby (poor, poor girl)….lives around the corner from you, next to Stephen Hawking, right Peeve?

    LMFAO, you miserable POS are all cast from the same mold, I swear. I bet DG has the Penisblog readership way up into 7 figures by now, right?

    You two kooks really should hook up with Emery…he knows all most prolific producers of leftist claptrap so well he don’t need to quote them when he posts their work. He’d be a great addition.

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