My Theory, Which Is Mine

My Theory: ¬†Donald Trump’s arrogant blowhardiness is almost entirely intended to send the Big Left – the Dems and the Media (PTR) – chasing after squirrels, obsessing over diplomatic niceties, and wasting their own time while he and his uneasy GOP alliance get things done.

Evidence toward that theory submitted for your approval.

11 thoughts on “My Theory, Which Is Mine

  1. The Donald as Zaphod Beeblebrox, whose job is to wield power but to draw attention away from it? Don’t Panic. Nothing to see here. Look! Covfefe!

  2. And more importantly:

    The end of the leftist judicial shortcut is in sight. Not only will reprobate shills rule against the interests and desires of Americans, we will have a competent group of jurists to review some of the outrageous decisions that have been handed down in the last 20 years.

  3. Dodd-Frank was one of the suckiest bills that ever sucked.

    Among its many faults, it only benefitted the “too big to fail” banks that the Dems are so dependent on and squeezed out smaller competitors.

    Good riddance, says I.

  4. The purpose of Dodd-Frank was to inject the federal government into consumer credit. Normally if you want to borrow money, you find a lender, you negotiate a deal. Both parties accept the terms.
    Dodd-Frank was designed to make the federal CFPB a third party to every loan. The CFPB has policy goals of its own that are not the goals of the borrower or the lender. The CFPB is not funded by congress. It is a financial agency with a hand in the finances of nearly every American family, and it has little or no democratic accountability. It has become a revolving door agency. Its employees move from the CFPB to the for-profit corporations it regulates, where they use the knowledge they acquired and the contacts they made at the CFPB work to maximize that corporation’s profits at the expense of the consumer.
    These were not unforeseen consequences. “Regulatory capture” is not a theory, it is a fact. DC runs on it. The people who voted for Dodd-Frank knew exactly what they were creating: an unaccountable agency designed to provide special favors for the connected, while everyone else pays the price.

  5. For me reading Vanity Fair is like cleaning the kitty litter box, in the end you just want to throw the contents in the trash.

  6. This is the promise of the Trump market boom. Less regulation, less information, less transparency, more risk, more opportunity.

  7. Emery, you must be doing all your business at Bank of America. Good thing your not trying to get a loan at your local bank for a business start up. Seems it was the local guys that took the hit with the 2008 bust, they weren’t considered to be the ones not too big to fail.

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  9. Some people seem to believe that any failure is caused by lack of regulation. “Regulation” referring to government-made rules and government oversight to make sure the rules it makes are followed. Everything gets blamed on lack of regulation. The crash of 2008 is not blamed on the entirely normal human attribute of greed, but on lack of regulation, which can be remedied — by the government.
    In a democracy, however, the regulations are not produced by a system designed to create proper regulation. Instead the system is designed to make certain that interests are protected. This is democracy’s goal. This is the system working.
    If you have rules made by a non-democratically representative group of experts, you end up with the CFPB (or the federal reserve): regulators who have an agenda not shared by the people (otherwise, why not make it unaccountable to the people?), and subject to regulatory capture.
    If the CFPB’s regulations result in slowing economic growth to a crawl, it will be doing its job — as long as their is no repeat of 2008.
    And if there is a repeat of 2008, no one will get fired. The CFPB will simply issue new regulations.

  10. Don’t go all Ayn Rand on us, Woolly. John Galt isn’t out there waiting for you to share his libertarian fairy tale. That path is suicidal, benefiting nobody in the end. Rigid capitalism is as shortsighted as rigid socialism.

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