The “Conversation About Guns”

Just remember – when the gun-grabbing left says they want a “conversation about guns”, what they mean is “they talk, scream, defame, slander and insulit; you listen”.

“Aw, Mitch – you’re just being hyperbolic”.

Nope.  If only.

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design is hosting an “art” exhibit entitled “Unloaded” – styled as “a nationally traveling multimedia group exhibition that explores the historic and social issues surrounding the divisive nature of gun ownership in the United States.”

Let’s look at their idea of history and social studies via “art”

Yep. It’s a figure of…something with a pistol for genitals.

The exhibit’s hoarder – well, OK, “curator” – says her ambition is to melt down all guns.

This is the “conversation”.

(Response:  “What is it about firearms that instantly, inevitably turns your thoughts to genitals?)

5 thoughts on “The “Conversation About Guns”

  1. That particular piece was created by James Duesing, a full Professor at Carnegie Mellon School of Art

    He has a long resume of credentials, showings and grants

    I suggest you check out some of his other creative endeavors before criticizing this piece:

    This is why we must end all funding for the arts, immediately.

  2. Isn’t it nice that MCAD receives funding from National Endowment for the Arts. Our tax dollars hard at work!!!

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