Demand the expulsion of a “fascist”, and the gunning down of his supporters, by the military.

Question for Sarah Silverman and her ilk:  who do you think the military are?  The children of families with two parents with masters degrees in Non-Profit Administration from Saint Olaf, who shop at Whole Foods and drive Subarus and listen to NPR and take the SPLC seriously?

14 thoughts on “Credibility

  1. Silverman is labeled a comedienne, so I’ve looked through a couple dozen videos of her supposedly being funny and haven’t found one yet that could be considered funny no matter whether you are using the sometimes amusing Garrison Keillor or Chris Rock as your standard.
    Can anyone point me to anything of Silverman’s that’s actually funny?

  2. Kel: It is no longer a requirement of a comedian to be funny, only “relevant.” Didn’t you get the memo? Silverman once made a classmate laugh when she fell off a chair. She’s paid her dues.

  3. kel: fall off a chair from the arch of the Golden Gate Bridge? People would pay money for that.

  4. I have no rational explanation for it, but every time I see a leftist “comedienne”, I can’t help thinking they smell bad; sour milk and halitosis.

    Oh sure, everything about Lena Dunham supports it, but Silverman is actually kind of hot (not that I’d tap that). I had the same feeling about Cher.

    Can’t explain it, but it’s real.

  5. Kel – Watch the beginning of Way of the Gun. Give it till about 2 min. You will laugh. Warning – this is NAFW

    Being retired military, I can say that if you think they’re going to side with you, I need some of what you’re smoking. Cause it’s got you hallucinating.

  6. Silverman reminds me of the guests of Bill Clinton who said “those are our jets now” when other guests were appalled at the Air Force overflying his inauguration in 1993. And to be very blunt about the matter, she and others talking about violence against the President need to get a not-so-comfortable visit from the Secret Service or FBI.

  7. The likelihood of our military, even thinking about staging a coup, is the funniest thing ever!

  8. These are college students, or university bums. They have been taught to behave this way, they did not pick it up on their own. Education students are the worst of the bunch.
    Protesting is a fine American tradition. It’s the the violence and the threat of violence needs to stop.
    A few felony convictions would stop most of it. With a felony on your record, you might as well drop out of college, because your future career options are extremely limited.

  9. She actually was funny before she got super political. Her show had a good like 5 season run on Comedy Central about a decade ago.

  10. With a felony on your record, you might as well drop out of college, because your future career options are extremely limited.

    Not with the tech industry. And Starbucks. And any outfit sponsored and paid for by Soros. As a matter of fact, I can see where rioting and sedition convictions will become a pre-requisite for hires. Wooly One, those ain’t engineers and scientists who are rioting, but studies majors, you know.

  11. A felony doesn’t seem to be a show stopper for politics, either. I was surprised to learn that a guy who just left the Michigan legislature had eight prior felonies and a history of cheating his landlords, and then of course, you’ve got Alcee Hastings and Marion Barry, not to mention those who should have been convicted–I’m talking of course of a couple of nice folks from Hot Springs.

  12. I know that she has discussed her lifelong clinical depression. Copes with Xanax and Zoloft. It doesn’t surprise me she has trouble with rational thinking. It would probably be better for her spend more of her time focusing on her mental health.

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