In The Footsteps Of Stalin, The Shadow Hecklers Stagger Through The Winter

A group of Obama supporters are planning to hold a “clap-a-thon” to, er, “honor” the outgoing President:

“His legacy is one of kindness and grace,” according to Bejidé Davis, a 29-year-old New York lawyer who organized the clap-out. That opinion is not universally held, to say the least — the consequential policy innovations of President Kindness and Grace include assassinating American citizens, a line that even Prince of Darkness Dick Cheney never crossed — but this is a question of affiliation, not a question of judgment. The people gathering to applaud for President Barack Obama as President Donald Trump waits in the wings are not really making a statement about the outgoing president. They are making a statement about themselves: “This is our tribe.”

And why does that matter?

Kevin Williamson, on the politics of applause, in a piece with too many good parts to pick few enough pullquotes for this post to fall under “fair use”.

10 thoughts on “In The Footsteps Of Stalin, The Shadow Hecklers Stagger Through The Winter

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  2. Also Dick Cheney cannot hold a candle to me he is among my minions. Show some respect you liberal loser #nottheguyyouwanttopissoff

  3. Clap on! *clap clap*
    Clap off! *clap clap*

    If I’d known that was all it took to get rid of him I’d have started clapping long ago.

  4. The Williamson piece is well worth the read. It brought an ironic chuckle from me since I had only a few days ago read The Gulag Archipelago and the anecdote about the factory manager ending his applause too soon.

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