Wag The Pigs

You want a lot of publicity for very very very little effort?

Put on a white pointy robe and yell “Make America Great Again!”

David Harsanyi points out what a lot of us on the right already know: the “Alt-Right” is to 2016 what the “Vast Rightwing Conspiracy” was to 1995, and the “War on Women” was to 2012;  a smear, pushed with relentless dedication by a media that were basically Democrat operatives with bylines, to smear the Democrats’ opponents by associating them with the a convenient, if barely extant, boogeyman.  It was something that Saul Alinsky called “framing”, and that anyone who’s studied psychological abuse calls “Gaslighting”.

David Harsanyi points out the facts on what is, to borrow a phrase, “fake news”:

Every major cable news network had a discussion about the importance of the [National Policy Institute – the place where the “crowd” yelled “Hail Trump”]. But here’s a little nugget from the NPR piece that asserts the election has given this “once fringe movement a jolt”: “About 300 people — split nearly evenly between conference attendees and protesters of the conference outside — were on hand at the downtown D.C. event.”

300 people – 150 of them attendees?

150 people go to the big game warehouse in Roseville to play Warhammer every weekend with no media coverage.

Four times that many people turn out in maroon shirts at the Legislature every time some liberal bobblehead tries to introduce a gun grab bill.

There are bowling leagues with more people and political clout than the National Policy Institute.

About 300 people? Some jolt. To put that into context, there were well over 300 people at thousands of churches and temples across the Washington area this weekend praying for peace on Earth. In this country, you could pull together 300 people for a meeting about anything, actually. Thousands of UFO enthusiasts got together in the Arizona desert last year in hopes of not being mass abducted by space aliens.

A few years ago, I attended the Socialist convention in Chicago, where at least a thousand activists gathered to discuss how to end economic freedom. Since then, 43 percent of Democrat primary goers have given this extreme movement a jolt, I guess.

In a nation of a third of a billion people, there should be a lot more crazies than that.  And who knows; if CNN and the NYTimes wave enough cameras around looking for boogeymen, then that’s exactly what we’ll get.  You create a media market for something, you’ll get…something.

8 thoughts on “Wag The Pigs

  1. Putting on my DG shapeless frock and stepping on to the specially reinforced soapbox I keep in the trunk for just these occasions.

    Ahem! Racism is wrong and needs to be actively denounced no matter the size! It is wrong to hate another based on their race and the Republican need to own up to the vile reactions their rhetoric has surfaced.

    What’s that? Oh, you mean there’s a black nationalist hate group (recognized as such by even the SPLC) that’s more than 200x the size of this group called the Nation of Islam that’s been enabled by my side?

    Never mind that. Hate only counts one way when racism is concerned.

    /s (for the cluelessness enabled)

  2. Ah, it reminds me of those heady days back in 2009 when the mainstream media were all calling for President Obama to repudiate the hateful statements of of Rev. Jeremiah “God damn America” Wright, the pastor of the church Obama had been attending the last 20 years.

  3. MSM have longed jumped the shark from reporting news to making news they see fit for the unwashed to buy into. I think the turning point was coverage of
    Mother of moral authority, Cindy something rather, near the ditch at shrub’s ranch. I am not talking about the pic that was televised and printed ad nauseam, but the version of the entire scene.

  4. JPA……I have to give Cindy credit. After Obama was elected and the left (including MSM) abandoned her, she realized what a used dupe she was. Cindy admitted that the Democrats were using her to go after Bush.

  5. You could get 300 people together who believe the Earth is run by the Illuminati Jewish banking Rothschilds cabal and that every major world leader is a shapeshifting reptillian demon controlled by Satan on the planet Niburu. Actually… the amount of people who you could gather who believe that is depressingly higher. I know, I read these people for mainly entertainment.

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