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Someday, when there is a post-cold-war style reckoning with the past crimes of the American media – and I realize this may be more an “afterlife” kind of thing – the ongoing effort by the American media to slander people not like them, politically speaking, will be an entire wing in the museum.

Let’s allow up front that in a nation of 320 million people there will be loonies of every description afoot, and that not everyone deals with frustration, bigotry or hatred well or constructively.

With that out of the way?

There is no wave of Trump-inspired hatred in this country.  The media is, er, trumping up a series of:

…into a “story”, and spinning it into a largely fictional narrative.


To wag the dog.  To try to create the movement that they’re reporting on.  To try to do for hate what they did for Armenian valley girls and Flava Flav.

Will it work?

Well, their efforts didn’t give us an Empress President HIllary.  But that may have been a lucky break.

And “luck” isn’t a plan.

11 thoughts on “Mark My Words

  1. Combine that with death threats to electors and meaningless recount demands (missed Pennsylvania deadline, judge ruled against a hand-count in Wisconsin) and you see systematic undermining of confidence in the American electoral system. Well, fine, we can toss out the republic and replace it with rule by the people who have the most guns and are willing to use them. So that’s me my Deplorable buddies only now, there’s no term limits and no re-elections.

    Are we really, really, really certain that’s the road we want to go down?

  2. MSM and Lefty corps are no longer infallible. I am watching with great interest the spat between Breitbart and Kellogg. My money is on Breitbart.

  3. Yahoo news reported yesterday that there have been 12,000 instances of hate since Trump won the election. If you go to the story, it was as you describe above. Some vague 3rd hand stories.

    One example they gave was someone in some school heard someone yell “death to the Jews”. For some reason, that sounds more like an ELCA Democrat than a pro-Israel conservative.

  4. NPR has pretty much declared war on Trump.
    A couple of days ago they spent a precious five minutes of airtime interviewing a GSA official who claimed that it would be unethical for the GSA to pay Trump’s businesses for government employees and foreign dignitaries who stay at Trump properties. The guy was nearly hysterical. His main piece of evidence was a press release written by the NY attorney journal and published when Trump settled the Trump U case last week.

  5. Reason is good for something after all.
    A good first clue that a supposed attack is a fraud is that it is reported in an area friendly to the person who claims they he or she was attacked. The idea that Santa Monica (the location of one of the frauds) is full of violent Trump-supporting rednecks is ludicrous. Jack Webb claimed that he was raised in the mean streets of Santa Monica. Santa Monica may have had “mean streets” in the 1930s, but it does not today.
    Remember the mid-90s miniseries adaptation of Steven King’s The Stand? The miniseries, and the novel, featured a character named Barry Dorgan who was allied with the evil, anti-Christ figure Randall flagg. Dorgan was a law-and-order type, a one time detective with the Santa Monica police force, who backed Flagg because he believed Flagg stood for law and order against low lifes and hippies. Stephen king is Boomer and a liberal. The character of Barry Dorgan was probably intended to be a stand in for Joe Friday or for Webb himself.

  6. Jethrene – the GSA guy is an idiot. When traveling on the government dollar, you stay at a place that accepts the government per diem for that area. You, the traveler, pay the hotel, and get reimbursed. I’m sure that presidential travel is different but a hotel is getting about half what they normally would. It beats empty rooms but not by much.

  7. One would suggest that the GSA gentleman is not merely an idiot, but a liar, as who would know better what shakingmyhead says than….a GSA employee? Not too many, I dare say. I am hoping and praying that Trump will “drain the swamp” by figuring out what the government simply doesn’t do well, and terminating those programs. I don’t like everything about the man, far from it, but he seems to have that je ne sais quoi to get beyond the media barricade.

  8. No wave of Trump-inspired hatred, you say? Why I hear of a friend of a friend who had Thanksgiving dinner and had to listen to a crazy aunt weave a tale of Obama’s accomplishments. My friend of a friend raised his eyebrow at the comment.

    And you say there’s not hatred?

  9. I bet it was a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat, and then the very next day, they got a call from Officer Opie….you know, if you want to stop Obama and stuff, you gotta sing loud.

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