Holiday Season Open Letter To Minnesota / National Public Radio

To:  National Public Radio (cc: Minnesota Public Radio)
From:  Mitch Berg; not really a pollyanna
Re:  The Season For The Wheezin’

Dear various PRs,

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving.  And like every week after every Thanksgiving, I know what that means, especially vis-a-vis Public Radio programming.

To listen to your broadcasts, we are on the precipice of a national mental health plague, something Americans only survive with the aid of therapy, drinking or an endless slathering on of (wry, fashionable-understated) cynicism.   A time of year where all ceremony is onerous, all family members are insane or intolerable, all travel is wearing, all human interaction is a layer of plastic fakery over a rotten, frothing core of anxiety and desperation.

That’s right – the Holiday season.

Public radio programming will be clogged with with newscasters droning on about seasonal mental health afflictions; with “entertainers” jabbering about the only kind of get-togethers any of them seem to have – ugly, dysfunctional ones; with obscure writers and artists elevated (?) to radio commentators, testifying to the ordeal we’re all about to go through.

Point taken, Public Radio – the upper-middle-class, over-miseducated, secular (wildly-disproportionally secular-jewish) crowd is exquisitely bored with the whole thing.

But might I suggest you poke your collective (heh) nose outside your Subaru-driving, Oberlin/Bard/Saint Olaf-educated, Whole-Foods-shopping, free-range-alpaca-wearing, urban-liberal-privilege-wallowing, Israel-divesting, coffee-shop-music-loving, prematurely gray, bumper-sticker-clad Obama-shilling bubble and take note that for a whole lot of people, perhaps the majority, the holidays aren’t about mindless personal drama, and bring us some measure of joy?

I mean, fine – you’ll joke about how pathetic you find it.  That’s fine – and nothing new!

Just saying – perhaps you can put down the bottle and take your head out of the oven and look around a bit?

That is all.

7 thoughts on “Holiday Season Open Letter To Minnesota / National Public Radio

  1. Can’t wait to hear how NPR is going to spin Ohio State knife attack into stricter gun control. Just you wait!

  2. Yes it’s highly anecdotal, but a quick glance at FB seemed to show that since we now know the following:

    1) It was not a gun attack, but a knife attack.
    2) The attacker was a Somali “refugee” named Ali Mohammed. So, pretty much assured to be a Muslim. Here, let me show you my shocked face – 😯

    …they’re moving back to the more important Trump bashing/delegitimatizing recount stories

  3. Actually, Newsmax is reporting that the DemonRATs have already put out several tweets blaming guns, starting with the deranged and ignorant Shiela Jackson Lee.

  4. NPR – Zero them out Mr Trump. They can’t hate you any more than they already do.

    I resent each nano-cent of my taxes that goes to those smarmy bastages.

  5. We managed our Thanksgiving gathering with mentioning Trump, Clinton or the 2016 election. The conversation did drift pokitical occasionally but its like everyone had a unwspoken rule that we knew there were huge divisions between people (myself and my gf included) and simply refused to let it go there. It wasnt a short gathering either. 4 1/2 hours. We had a great time

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