3 thoughts on “Death From Taxes

  1. Having been in the car rental business in three different cities and being in it now, I can attest to the fact that states love to bilk business travelers and tourists. But then, they aren’t the only ones. Hotels and the airlines jump in, too. In fact, the “lift” out of MSP, is also among the highest in the nation.

    Our overall cost per pay for a visitor to a downtown hotel, has an tax burden of near 49%. This is 4% higher than Chicago.

    I know one Ohio based company that chose Chicago over Minneapolis for their national sales meeting this summer, because of the difference in cost.

    If you need to rent a car, rent it from a suburban location. You’ll save about $20 per day in taxes vs renting at the airport.

    The DemonRATs are more than happy to make everyone else pay “for a better Minnesota”, too.

  2. Or not pay, if they choose somewhere else to go.

    A logical conclusion, but some people don’t pay attention to that sort of thing …

  3. Being a “Cold Omaha” at heart, Minneapolitans need to get it through their heads that the visitors are not going to wade through excessively high taxes to come here because, quite frankly, we do NOT have Grant Park, Michigan Avenue, the Rocky Mountains, or the Champs Elysees. Sorry, but an unfinished pedestrian mall downtown just doesn’t make the sale, and hundreds of cities have waterfront on the Big Muddy.

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