Moms Want Action – the pro-criminal group funded entirely by liberal plutocrat Michael Bloomberg – posted this over the weekend:


Oh, that’s so cute.    A group of smug, privileged, Whole-Foods-shopping, MPR-listening, Subaru driving insta-activists say “it’s on”.

No, ma’am (including that “mom” with the beard in the back row on the left).  You’re wrong.

It was “on” on election night, when the plutocrat who owns your organization, Michael Bloomberg, spent nearly a million dollars in Minnesota.  To capture two seats (and lose several more ).

And even that’s not completely right.  It’s been “on” for thirty years.  Millions of Real Americans – men, women, black and white, urban and rural – started giving your boogeyman, the “gun lobby”, some actual teeth.

So go ahead.  Prance around at your “rallies” in the safe parts of downtown, and in Eagan in your Dreamsicle t-shirts.  Parrot the same lies the good guys have been shredding for decades just a few more times.  Get bored and walk away again.

We’ll still be here.

And it’ll still be “on”.

8 thoughts on “On

  1. I once asked Kim Norton if they had a short white paper on what their end game was. They don’t have one. $800K for vague feel good bullshit.

    Mitch’s conversation with Brain Strawser was just mind blowing. The gun grabbers are completely nuts.

  2. Picked up a new rifle yesterday (a beautiful Winchester Model 94 Legendary Frontiersmen in 38-55 whoo hoo!), and the atmosphere in the gun shop was, well, it was bitter sweet.

    On the one hand, the boys have had some banner years under Obozo, and now that the SCOTUS is safe for the next 30 years they know the panic buying is over. But they’re gun guys too, and they know their business is on rock solid ground.

    People who chose to live in leftist swamp states will continue to be disarmed, but as a steadfast Federalist, I don’t have a problem with that. In fact, disarming New York and California don’t hurt my feelings at all.

    ps to the beta male in that picture: Be sure to stop by and have some of Scott’s delicious gravy. You earned it.

  3. My wife, the mother of my children, is getting plenty of action, and not surprisingly, she’s pro-gun-rights. I’m no super-husband, but I can’t help but think that these ladies are commenting on the quality of their husbands, or lack thereof.

    Just sayin’. Remember Reba in “Little Rock”?

    I’m thinking that when I can afford it, I’m going to get a new rifle and name it “Hillary” in honor of the would-be-gun-banner in the same way I bought Mrs. Bubba a beautiful 1911 in honor of the Million Mom March. Any suggestions?

  4. I’d love to see the Moms’ reaction if any of the pro-gun groups had done an endzone dancing, football spiking, post election victory lap and directed it to Moms Demand Action with the ending “It’s On.”

  5. Bike, I might suggest a SKS Yugoslav 7.62 x 39mm M59. Not very expensive and ammo is pretty cheap. The militaristic appearance, integral NATO spec grenade launcher, and fold out bayonet should get the Mommy’s and Bloomberg folks blood pressure up.

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