The Eternal Genius Of Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman on election night: “The sky is falling and we’re all gonna die.”

A day later: “It’s not and we’re not, and anyone who takes Paul Krugman seriously had better hope they have a fat government pension to rely on”.

Paul Krugman; the most useful of idiots.

Note:  back during the Obama administration, when the poorly trained chimps in Minnesota’s leftyblogosphere panted “The Dow!  The Dow!” as evidence that the Obama economy was humming along, I pointed out – correctly – that that was a result of companies sitting on lots of cash in a zero-interest environment.  It was a bubble. They were creating few jobs, investing in little new plant; the Dow was a reflection of cash.

And it still is.

But I’m just trying to keep them consistent.  Which could keep an army of researchers busy, although not very interested.

10 thoughts on “The Eternal Genius Of Paul Krugman

  1. I’m amazed that Krugman can hold onto his job. Good comedy material though. He and Tom Friedman have a combined IQ that barely creeps into triple digits.

  2. I knew I was a conservative when a peer I respected told me to read Krugman. I was young, yes, but I had a brain.

    Until Krugman tried to convince me nothing I observed was real.

    I no longer speak to my once-respected peer. He and Krugman have evaporated into faint political dust long ago.

    When Krugman is quoted – anywhere – I cover my ears, shout obscenities and reach for the anti-diarrheal.

  3. Krugman is the economics answer to Colin Powell; a man decent in his proper profession who finds himself hopelessly out of his depth when involved in politics.

  4. Having recently peeked in to see if he was still alive, I noticed that not even Mitch’s insane cyber stalker is tweeting Krugman quotes anymore; and he’s still obviously just as insane as ever.

  5. LMFAO!!! Evidently Mitch’s insane cyber stalker has been reading SITD, and correctly identified himself as the insane cyber stalker; he’s just posted a raft of inchoate Krugman papspew.

    Batshit crazy!

    Embrace the suck, creepy Uncle Billy…4 years is a long time; probably a lifetime for you!


    Your pal, Swiftee

    To Laugh, To Laugh, To Laugh, To Laugh, To Laugh, To Laugh!!!

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  7. When Krugman is quoted – anywhere – I cover my ears, shout obscenities and reach for the anti-diarrheal.

    Normally, I’d agree. But I have to give Krugman some credit: he was right on Brexit. When everyone else was claiming recession and doom for the UK he was saying that short term it would be nothing, and might even be helpful. And that’s true: with a currency that can float they can devalue as needed, unlike Greece, so that they can survive recessions and keep some of their blue-collar jobs.

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