A Sigh Of Relief

The biggest relief of the Trump landslide?   The SCOTUS.  If Trump keeps his promise to draw from his list of Supreme Court nominees, this nation has at least a hope of having a backbone of relative sanity for the next generation.

I’m relieved to see that that was the impetus for an awful lot of voters:

The future of the Supreme Court’s ideological balance proved to be a critical factor for many Republican voters. In exit polls, about 1 in 5 voters said the Supreme Court appointments were “the most important factor” in their decision, and those voters favored Trump by a 57% to 40% margin, according to ABC News.

For me, the Supreme Court – and keeping Hillary and her owners, George Soros and the Saudis, away from it – was as close to a single-issue litmus test as I’ve ever had.

7 thoughts on “A Sigh Of Relief

  1. I know a 9/11 widow who voted for a Republican, Trump, for the first time in her life because of Hillary’s Saudi connections. And she wasn’t exactly quiet about it, despite being in the heart of the Democratic machine. In fact, with Obama vetoing the Saudi bill, the 9/11 group I hear from went from true-blue Democratic to virulently anti-Democratic in a heartbeat. Before then they’d had some illusions, but that and the Wikileaks stuff made willful blindness impossible: the Democrats are simply utterly corrupt at the highest levels of the party.

  2. What nerdbert says. I talked with a young lady at Home Depot–may have been Hispanic–and got to inform her that as a person who has worked defense jobs, Hilliary’s shenanigans with her email would mean jail time for anyone without that last name. She just said “oh”. If I had to bet a nickel, I’d be saying she voted for Hilliary, but the message seemed to get through. People in the know know that the Democrats are all about pay to play and treachery.

  3. SCOTUS WAS my single issue in this election. If he replaces Scalia with Pryor or Sykes, he could chew the head off of a live dove, for all I care. And to most of the left, those two actions are comparable.

  4. I’d love to see Miguel Estrada or Janice Rogers Brown at SCOTUS. Hope the Donald and other powers-that-be in waiting appreciate this was just a stay of execution and not a permanent reprieve.

  5. SCOTUS wasn’t the only thing but it was probably one of biggest things, Trump recognize it early on.

  6. Trump’s short list is acceptable in it’s entirety, but I really like Tymkovich and Blackwell. Blackwell is especially well suited, having clerked for and been mentored by, Scalia.

    In any event, Trump’s list should strike fear into any reprobate leftist that has ever uttered the uninformed talking point that the Constitution is a “living document”.

    The revolving judiciary door the reprobate left has used to insult and injure real Americans is about to be locked tighter than Kelsey’s nuts for the next 30 years.

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