10 thoughts on “Who Says American Ingenuity Is Dead?

  1. Well, those pills ought to increase visits to the emergency rooms as those bits of plastic glitter do their damage.

  2. Maybe the SparklePunter will try it out?

    Seriously, if we can eat things with a hard husk like nuts and have things come out OK, this probably won’t cause huge problems, but ……why?

  3. What we really need is a plague, or a catastrophic earthquake. Something really big and really nasty to give us something to do.

    Personally, if I had a vote on it, I’d go for a complete collapse of the San Andreas fault.

    That would leave the best parts of California connected to the mainland to rebuild, while the shitheel coastal regions would ideally be separated by a little channel, helpfully infested with Great White sharks.

    Make their secession dreams a physical as well as literal reality.

  4. The Glitter Bomber idiot is ecstatic. Now he can glitter AND poop bomb the GOP gubernatorial candidate in 2018.

  5. Jethrene poops glitter naturally.
    Or maybe . . . say, you don’t think it could come from drinking Goldschlager, do you?

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