MNDFL: They Know What Matters

The transportation, tax and bonding bills are all a shambles.

So what is the Minnesota DFL focused on?

Baseball players and their tobacco.

The bill was introduced Monday by Rep. Mike Freiberg, DFL-Golden Valley. It would ban the use of tobacco at Target Field, CHS Field and other professional sports stadiums in Minnesota.

“We need to make smokeless tobacco use in baseball a remnant of the past – and Minnesota should be proud to play a role in that movement,” said Freiberg Monday. “By allowing smokeless tobacco at the ballparks, we send the absolute wrong message about tobacco use. It’s time to take tobacco out of the game completely for the good of baseball and the health of our kids and players alike.”

9 thoughts on “MNDFL: They Know What Matters

  1. Start calling it ‘medical smokeless tobacco’ and Freiberg will just have to stand there, fuming.

  2. Its actually a plan to fix north Minneapolis’ crime and poverty problems.

    Step 1. Ban smokeless tobacco
    Step 3. Profits!

  3. Bento….you have to hand it to the potheads. After 35 years of Cheech and Chong being their public image, they come up with the medical marijuana scam. Put a guy in a nice suit in front of a camera and bingo!
    Greatest Marketing successes of recent years:
    Ethanol subsidies/mandates
    Homosexual rights

  4. Heartbreaking when people don’t live up to your standards isn’t it Chucky.

  5. Frieberg is MY rep. He is a tool of the First Order. This story is mindful of the Far Side cartoon where nuclear war has broken out and two dogs spot each other. The caption reads: “Finally, “Rusty finds something worthy of his attention.”

  6. Medical smokeless tobacco, eh? Try this: Medical, smokeless, organic essential tobacco oil.

  7. These same lunatics that are chirping about bathroom monitors to keep men in dresses out of the ladies facilities are now proposing what, lip detectives, to catch rogue snuff chewers?

  8. Actually, smoking something or other used to be a common treatment for asthma. My granddad did it as a kid. boggles the mind, but it was real.

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