All Is Proceeding As Predicted

Five years after Governor Flint-Smith Dayton got his Vikings Stadium deal, he admits his “e-pulltab” proposal – which was supposed to fund the state’s share of Zygi Wilf’s real-estate upgrade – was a flop (emphasis added):

By now, it’s a well-known fact that the plan to fund the state’s $498 million share of the new Vikings stadium with revenue from electronic pulltabs was a bust, but now Gov. Mark Dayton is owning up to it.

“You know, there were multiple errors made, and in hindsight, obviously we were terribly wrong,” Dayton toldMinnesota Public Radio.

Well, no, Governor Flint-Smith Dayton; you and the hysterical ninnies in the Legislature who buckled under to a bunch of louts dressed in fake Vikingwear were terribly wrong.

We – conservatives, people who both believe it’s not government’s job to build stadiums, and who do our freaking homework about shiny toys like e-pulltabs – were terribly right all along.

5 thoughts on “All Is Proceeding As Predicted

  1. The problem with stadiums is they almost always have bipartisan support. I don’t know how a Gov Emmer would have paid for the stadium, but when he was running for governor, I asked him if he were supportive of government involvement in building a Vikings stadium. He indicated that he was.

  2. Do we get our $498mil back? Saying sorry ain’t gonna put soup in a pot.

  3. Re: Emmer. I have to admit he had me completely fooled when he did his radio show.

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