8 thoughts on “He Could Ban Me From Facebook…

  1. If, Mr. Berg, you get called out for this because it is an ad hominem, a good response would be “what expertise has Zuckerberg shown in any field other than making money?”
    You know Penn Jillette? The Libertarian, open borders poster boy? The guy who mocked the border wall by giving some people a ladder and having them climb over a fence?
    Guess what he has around his Las Vegas home?

  2. Also…..illegal aliens won’t be crowding the waiting room at the high priced specialists that Zuckerberg goes to for his health care.
    His kids will be going to some very expensive private school. Not a public school where the teachers are overwhelmed with kids who don’t speak English.

  3. I don’t suppose the guy who owns the house next to Zuckerberg will rent it out to a dozen or so young male illegal aliens, either.

  4. And you wouldn’t view being banned from FB as a GOOD thing?

    The only reason I’m on the d*mned thing is that the extended family wants updated pictures. I’d be perfectly happy to drop FB tomorrow otherwise.

  5. So, What did Zuckerberg build, exactly? A blog with multiple author accounts and a database backend? What makes Zuckerberg more knowledgeable on what is good and bad for the US than Trump? Zuckerberg got his bucks because the United States is a sovereign nation. Now he wants to trim off the parts of sovereignty he does not like so he can make even more money.

  6. I’m not sure I want to live in a world where little pencil necked twerps like Zuckerberg walk the Earth like gods.

  7. (Threadjack alert)

    Bento, the wife and I are heading out your way to stay with my cuz in Puna. Any chance we could get a tour of the observatory?

    email me tjswift@yahoo.com

  8. Bento, don’t you know that’s a “tu quoque” or “you too” argument?

    Fallacy? Nah. All that is being argued is that when push comes to shove, Zuckerberg doesn’t believe what he’s saying. Kinda like Barack “the wife and I take separate jumbo jets to London an hour apart” Obama and global warming.

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