8 thoughts on “Unconfirmed Reports

  1. Dead at 57. That’s why we party like it’s 1999….the end is always just around the corner.

  2. David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Merle Haggard now Prince. And it all happened on Obama’s watch.

  3. Emery, you forgot Michael Jackson. And Vanity.

    Rest in peace. And shame on Fox for already speculating on the cause of death already–can’t we wait for the autopsy, if there’s going to be one?

  4. bb;

    All of the left wing news outlets were also doing it.

    Now, they dug up info that he was supposedly treated for a drug overdose a couple of weeks ago.

  5. Boss: I should have guessed, but honestly, can’t they wait until the body is cold? A newspaper could make an awesome reputation if he simply wrote a nice article wishing the man to rest in peace.

    Or maybe we’re all Drumpf voters at heart. Sigh. (maranatha!)

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