I Love The Smell Of Napalmed Narratives In The Morning

You could practically sense the institutional left’s glee at the thought of conservatives’ reaction to Harriet Tubman being selected for the face of the new $20 bill.  Indeed, reading some of their pieces, I got the impression that the “reactions” were written not only well in advance, but written at some centralized content mill.


Then, Thursday happened – and the vast majority of conservatives applauded the choice; a gun-toting Republican freedom fighter who not only led slaves on the Underground Railroad but led Union troops back the other way, replacing the slave-owning, genocide-mongering founder of the Democrat Party.

The standard-bearer of orthodox conservatism, the National Review, points out the facts that most Democrats don’t know:

In fact, Harriett Tubman was a gun-toting, Jesus-loving spy who blazed the way for women to play a significant role in military and political affairs.

Indeed, her work on the Underground Railroad was mostly a prelude to her real achievements. Born into slavery as Araminta Ross, Tubman knew the slave system’s inhumanity firsthand: She experienced the savage beatings and family destruction that were par for the course. She eventually escaped and, like most who fled, freed herself largely by her own wits.


Which is something the Democrats are doing their best to school out of black people.

Beyond that, though?

Tubman was one of the most valuable field-intelligence assets the Union Army had. She had hundreds of intelligence contacts and could establish new ones — particularly among African Americans — when nobody else could.

During one of her scouting missions along the Combahee River, she became the first woman and one of the first African Americans to command a significant number of U.S. troops in combat. The raid she organized and helped to command freed far more enslaved people than her decades of work on the Underground Railroad. She also was a strong advocate of allowing African Americans into the Union Army. She knew Robert Gould Shaw, who commanded the almost entirely African-American 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry regiment — the unit at the center of the 1989 film Glory.

So go for it, Democrats.  Tell us something we don’t know.

4 thoughts on “I Love The Smell Of Napalmed Narratives In The Morning

  1. Andrew Jackson is the historical political figure who most reminds me of Donald Trump.

  2. A lefty friend on Facebook reported that ‘Faux News was comforting the Reich Wing by telling them that Drumpf could change it all back next year.” I doubt that report happened.
    But it gave me an opportunity to reply pointing out Rory Coopers observation in November 2015 that under Obama: “Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats.” And now a founder of the Democrat Party (and aforementioned slave holder & genocide monger) gets kicked off the $20 bill and replaced by a bible believing, gun toting, black woman – while a Federalist stays in place on the $10 bill. That’s some legacy for Obama.
    Apparently there is some compromise in the works where Jackson stays – on the back – of the $20 bill. Someone didn’t think that one through – a white slave owner Democrat getting by on the back of a black woman? This moves the “Colored People Time” skit Hillary! participated in to second place in the Democrats race to see which of them can take the black vote most for granted.

  3. Somebody at the administration who did not do their homework had been sacked.( fill in MP bit in your head, too long to write )

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