Joy At Demise

Twitter stock is dropping like Johnny Manziel’s career bell curve.

Part of it is the complete lack of a business model that includes a road to real profit.

But the other part?  Twitter’s efforts to actively antagonize half of the population – including yours truly:

The company recently put in a place a “Trust and Safety Council” that they staffed with hard-left social justice nuts.  And I do mean real nuts — one of them includes an Islamic “research center” that makes CAIR look like choir boys.

Of course, being a private company, they can ‘censor’ anyone they want, for any reason they want.  They can have a “Trust and Safety Council” with Rachel Maddow, Jane Fonda and the board of NOW, for all it matters.


But Twitter might want to think about the fact that about half of the population in this country is conservative, and the other half liberal.  It’s not quite that simple of a division, but it’s close enough.

And unlike a little privately-run place like this, where my first and foremost goal is not to maximize my advertising revenue, that is precisely Twitter’s first and foremost goal.

It’s only a matter of time before a public company that does this sort of thing winds up like MySpace.

And while Twitter, being an ultra-ultra-liberal operation that swims in the liberal pond that is San Francisco, may not actually know, or really believe that, one need only look at the successive flops of efforts that need general acceptance but actively antagonize half the populations (see also; every anti-war movie of the past decade, Truth, MSNBC, and on and on).

And good riddance.  As I wrote about the other day, Twitter is a vast wasteland of stupid punctuated by the rare little points of misplaced brilliance; like someone doing an impromptu Mozart violin concerto at Wrestlemania.

Let it burn.

10 thoughts on “Joy At Demise

  1. I was expecting the issue to be fully discussed and solution provided in 140 characters or less…

  2. It strikes me that a social media platform built on stupidity is a perfect fit for liberals. They might not be as dumb as we think!

  3. My son-in-law told me I was NOT banned from Twitter because of my defense of the Christian faith – that they would NEVER be that short-sighted. Now that I’m seeing other conservatives and Christians coming forward, I’m convinced the atheists and agnostics have a Twitter Game Plan. I was suspended four times before I threw in the towel and exited the sewer.

  4. Let’s see…

    Reliable leftists come up with system to essentially put out liberal sized thoughts, aka bumper sticker reasoning. They sell this great idea to other liberal ideologues who spend huge amounts of money promoting it. But nobody thinks about how it might actually make money because of a new “do stuff on the Internet” mania.

    But now the mania bubble has burst and rather than do the heavy lifting of trying to figure out how to make money, the reliable leftists would rather go after these strange creatures who are using “their” system to communicate heresy. And strangely enough, the big money enablers are barely commenting while the reliable leftists purge roughly half their potential audience?

    Did I get that right?

    Seems to me the money men should be worrying about their investments and getting adults into the mix. But Twitter has never had that culture. Heck, the name alone should tell you the maturity of the crew running it.

  5. Don’t worry. Goobernment will step in with a bailout because you have to keep the diversity of thought and ideas out there. Maybe Twitter (derived from Twit?) will become part of PBS?

  6. I bet that even the people who sit on Twitter’s ‘trust and safety council’ would shudder at the thought of being examined by something called the ‘trust and safety council.’

    Comrade Sarkeesian: “Fellow members of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council! Please welcome new member Felix Dzerzhinsky! Comrade Dzerzhinsky will have no official portfolio or duties. For now you may think of him as being in charge of internal security and political reliability.
    I expect that all of you will give comrade Dzerzhinsky your full cooperation. Would you like to say a few words, comrade Dzerzhinsky?”
    Comrade Dzerzhinsky: “Certainly, but please, comrade Sarkeesian, first lock the door and collect all cell phones and all objects which might be used as weapons.”
    Comrade Sarkeesian: “As you wish, comrade Dzerzhinsky. That is an excellent idea! Can’t be too safe, you know!”

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