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  1. Oh, come on. What says “love” more than ripping a person limb from limb without even the benefit of anesthesia?

    Interesting thing; my mom was UMC, and as she fought the cancer that eventually killed her, she not surprisingly became very interested in the Scriptures and in what God would want for her, and the books she got were almost never from any United Methodist source. There are only so many ways one can say “non creditis” before the gig gets old.

  2. There is a web site out there called ELCA exposed. Some of his stuff is a little over the top or trivial, but for the big points….shows that modern western liberal churches really are just social clubs with a theme. If 51% of your members are left wing, then your religious-themed club becomes left wing.
    In their view, the Bible is as fluid as Obama thinks the Constitution is.
    Hmm, never thought of that link before. Two documents that we conservatives view as set in stone, but the other side says they mean whatever they want it to mean today.

  3. I find myself hoping, more than ever, that Hell is an actual place. I hope there is fire and brimstone, I hope there is a personal devil assigned to the damned, I hope there is despair everlasting.

    I suppose wishing these things upon others may guarantee me a piece of that pie, but I know God can see into my heart, which may help my case.

  4. Swiftee, there is some consolation in the traditional Catholic canon for you. And if nothing else, consider Dante’s cycle. While you may have some time in Purgatory for your urges, ponder what the works of others will earn them.

    As to “mainstream” Protestant-ism like these two instances… Meh. The moral backbone of a wet paper towel and the theological reasoning strength of chocolate pudding. “Our religious traditions call us to offer compassion, not judgment.” Bullshit. Believers are called upon to judge each other and their actions towards the Church (or body of Christ) and call out actions counter to the health of that body. That they’re so willing to abandon the responsibility of behaving so is pretty telling as to their overall theological maturity. I’m willing to accept that they may believe differently, but their utter renunciation of any discussion on the morality of the issue is cowardly and pitiful.

  5. The watering down of the Gospel was what Paul warned us about in the New Testament. Things, evidently, haven’t changed a lot in 2000 years. Same sins, new technologies.

  6. Hey, Swiftee, OT but I thought that this story from “paradise” might rile you up:
    One year later, no charges against fired police officer in fatal crash

    Buddemeyer was discharged from the Hawaii Police Department following the fatal collision, which happened at about 6:30 a.m. and that the Hawaii Fire Department called a hit-and-run. He was terminated for being involved in a fatal collision with a bicyclist, removing physical evidence from a crime scene and providing false information after being involved in a traffic collision.

    The other front page story today is about our mayor. He was using a county-issued credit card to pay for “entertainment” on Oahu, apparently because he wanted to keep his wife from finding out about what he chose to do for “entertainment.”

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