When Democrats Comment About The Constitution…

…it always makes for low-brow entertainment.


Republicans, say the Democrats, owe the President deference. Elections have consequences and Obama won re-election in 2012.

Yes. And the Republicans won the Senate in 2014 — if anything, a more proximal assertion of popular will. And both have equal standing in appointing a Supreme Court justice.

I keep pointing this out to DFLers who jabber about the President’s election.  I never, ever get a response beyond name-calling.

I’ll be adding emphasis to this next stretch:

It’s hard to swallow demands for deference from a party that for seven years has cheered Obama’s serial constitutional depredations: his rewriting the immigration laws by executive order (stayed by the courts); his reordering the energy economy by regulation (stayed by the courts); his enacting the nuclear deal with Iran, the most important treaty of this generation, without the required two-thirds of the Senate (by declaring it an executive agreement).

(Side note:  there are actually Democrats who think Obama is “the most disrespected president in history.  As if the George W Bush’s administration never happened).

Minority Leader Harry Reid complains about the Senate violating precedent if it refuses a lame-duck nominee. This is rich. It is Reid who just two years ago overthrew all precedent by abolishing the filibuster for most judicial and high executive appointments. In the name of what grand constitutional principle did Reid resort to a parliamentary maneuver so precedent-shattering that it was called the nuclear option? None. He did it in order to pack the U.S. Circuit Court for the District of Columbia with liberals who would reliably deflect challenges to Obamacare.

Power is all that matters to the left.  And they can do it, knowing the media gave up checking and balancing about the time man landed on the moon.

54 thoughts on “When Democrats Comment About The Constitution…

  1. eTASS, can you point to an instance when Republicans have refused? So far it is just rhetoric. But I DID point you to a piece of legislature drafted by dumbocrats that would have made it a law. A tad more then rhetoric, won’t you agree? How are those relations with your strawman coming along? I am sure you are on the receiving end since you enjoy so much having your ass handed to you, time after time after time…

  2. Tip: Try not to use acronyms in your introductory paragraph. This side-tracks readers from your story.

    I hate to nitpick but… an acronym is usually written in uppercase.
    Examples: ROFLMAO!

  3. My readers know very well what eTASS means. I don’t have the time to write out EmeryTheAntiSemiticSoci@list every time. And an eTASS abbreviation seems very appropriate. Of course, citing your commie roots you would probably understand it better if it was written eTACC.

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