Woodbury: Time To Get Off The Clown Car

South Washington Citizens for Change, as well as District 833 school board candidate Andrea Mayer-Bruestle – have released a couple of videos that voters should think about, both for their school board vote and their vote on the bonding referendum this Tuesday.

First: Don’t think all that half-a-billion dollars is going to go toward more spending beyond the means, and District 833 will be bellying up to the taxpayer bar again in a couple years? Don’t bet on it:

And here’s a digest of headlines from the past few years that should show the Woodbury voter what kind of hands their district, and tax dollars, are in:

If you live in Woodbury/District 833, you’ve witnessed a pretty venal and ugly little campaign to try to separate you and your tax dollars. Pass these vids around, and let’s try not to reward this sort of thing any more.

2 thoughts on “Woodbury: Time To Get Off The Clown Car

  1. I have never trusted women with hyphenated last names. Sure sign of a libidiot with an emasculated husband

  2. Channel 5, 6 o’clock news had a long story about this. Only talked to district personnel about who badly they need more money – roofs leaking, over crowding. Need new buildings for all day kindergarten.

    Basically their message was get your wallets out you cheap bastards. The children need it.

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