Best Practices

In recent weeks, this blog, as well as the rest of the media, I’ve noted a bit of an uptick in publicized violence in the St. Paul public schools.

The Minneapolis public schools seem to of
been paying attention – and turn their best minds on to the problem of school violence.

We know this, because they have solve the problem.

The Minneapolis public schools are now a “violence free zone“.

9 thoughts on “Best Practices

  1. Apparently, the St. Paul teacher’s union has had enough of St. Paul’s escalating violence and is trying to overturn the coddling they initially supported and are trying to oust some of the worst idiots on the St. Paul School Board.

    The telling thing is that the DFL loyalists took their cue and decided to sacrifice their own careers when the teachers told them to leave. Apparently they know what their future political career would have been in St. Paul if they were to cross the teachers’ union.

  2. “All students are now mandated to wear ‘I don’t tolerate bullying’ T-shirts!”

  3. Isn’t Hate Speech considered violence? Isn’t anything we hear that makes us uncomfortable Hate Speech?

    Kids, just keep your mouths shut. It’s all you can do.

  4. There are a couple of videos out there that do not get played in the MSM. Earlier this year a teacher was attacked in his classroom in Patterson NJ. And last week a large number of students in Allentown Pennsylvania attacked some police offers. Two lady cops were injured (concussion?).
    One thing I’ve notice in both, the adults were afraid to defend themselves.

  5. Kids, just keep your mouths shut. It’s all you can do.
    Not to speak out against bullying is bullying!

  6. I get such a kick out of these “_____ free zones.” There are so many of them. I remember when I first saw a “Drug Free Zone” sign years ago. I hilariously envisioned a skit, mocking these signs, where people carrying drugs just dumping them out in front of the sign so that they could pass beyond the sign. Years later, I made a puppet movie where I included a scene with the puppet doing just exactly that.

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