It’s Only A Conundrum If You Have A Soul

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

So let me understand: it’s noble to kill babies but wicked to sell their corpses?  Nope, still not getting it.

Better still:  infanticide enthusiasts labor under the delusion that “it’s not human until it’s born”; the infantile rationalization that a “fetus” delivered two weeks early at 38 weeks is human, while another one that’s gestated for 38 weeks that hasn’t yet been delivered isn’t human at all.

But apparently the spare parts they strip out of the ripped-apart corpses are human enough to use on other humans.

So, logically, the pre-natal child isn’t human, but their parts are?

13 thoughts on “It’s Only A Conundrum If You Have A Soul

  1. Joe:

    Lets not forget according to one of the defenders of Planned Parenthood last night on the Kelly the worse thing about the tape was that the people who had put out the tape had altered it and were lying. So at least according to the guess it was okay that Planned Parenthood that he didn’t see an issue with what they were doing. Where was that guy when Republicans were trying to repeal Obamacare in part because President Obama lied to pass it.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  2. So, logically, the pre-natal child isn’t human, but their parts are?

    Glad to see you finally came around to understand that logic, Mitch

  3. Mitch, here is something up your alley. A tenured sociology professor from UW-Madison (that sentence alone should give you the willies) says this (among other things):

    “University of Wisconsin sociology Professor Sara Goldrick-Rab claims there are “terrifying” psychological similarities between Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Nazi leader and mass murderer Adolf Hitler.”

  4. I believe that like Nazi Germany, America will wake up, look around at the crimes against humanity the left has committed and wipe every evidence the Democrat party ever existed from our public consciousnesses.

    There is, clearly, nothing to be gained from saving any relics for future generations. The knowledge that humanity has sunk to these lows throughout history evidently has no effect in avoiding periodically reoccurring mass insanity.

    And make no mistake; these leftists are insane.

  5. This logical incongruity is distasteful for those uncomfortable with abortion, but don’t want to ban it; however, “infanticide enthusiasts” do not suffer under any kind constraint of logical consistency. Abortion is a means to an end, whatever that end may be: equality of the sexes, population control, preservation of the state’s welfare system, etc…. To the left, nothing is about principle, the means are always justified by the end.

  6. “So, logically, the pre-natal child isn’t human, but their parts are?”
    Two points. First, who released PP to sell these? Who owns the aborted fetus? What is the legal status of the “parts”?
    Second, PP plans to continue doing this. They have admitted no wrong doing, legally or ethically.

  7. Gird…good comment. There are people out there who really aren’t “pro-abortion”, but like the idea that they can get rid of a child if it isn’t convenient at the moment. And don’t want the hassle of carrying her for 9 months before giving her up for adaption. Maybe they really believe that it should be safe, rare and legal.
    I commented yesterday…….it’s disturbing that there are a lot of people out there who enthusiastically support abortion. Up to the second she is being born. That are happy 60% of blacks in NYC are aborted. That have no problem with Goswell and things like the selling of body parts.
    I think this is why a lot of people who are more libertarian, and in a different world would tolerate universal legal abortion, are at least luke warm pro-life.

  8. Blue, you are looking in the right direction. All that is needed is to have one woman step forward to say her aborted child was dissected and sold for scrap without her consent.

    But that’s not going to happen, because I doubt any of the women are even advised about the trafficking.

    However, Dr. Nucatola Mengele did give us a clue to follow during her luncheon. She mentions a “17 pounder” (just like a Walleye, right?) that was specifically targeted on a specific day. I’d be looking for the woman from whom that child was torn.

  9. Deborah Nucatola described how they are able to get other organs without “crushing” them. “We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”

    All that can be said about people like these is that are pure EVIL !! May they burn in Hell.

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  11. Blue, I used to think leftists always resorted to foul language because they were just ignorant. Now I realize it’s a manifestation of their mental illness. Their confused minds become a jumble; the outburst of profanity is involuntary, much like Tourette’s sufferers.

    Laughing at, or ignoring them often results in further degradation of their ability to control themselves, resulting in violence.

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