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  1. You would think after 2012, when Republicans were 100% sure Obama was a one term president, the GOP would get a handle on it’s primary process. What was a ten month exercise in self-destruction has just been expanded to eighteen months.

  2. That was some epic writing. No doubt, we can expect to see uncredited excerpts appear in Emery’s narratives for the next 12 months at a minimum.

    But he’s wrong about Trump’s wife; that is some quality work, right there.

  3. The GOP has always had a handle on the nomination “process. They party insiders pick the candidate 2 years before the election. Everything between then and the convention is theater to give the bubbas the illusion they have some say in the matter.

  4. I’m almost sure Emery left the “<– " off of the "Portrait of a Troll" in his comment.

  5. Donald Trump: because how better to handle a nation with catastrophic levels of spending and debt than to hand the reins to a guy with multiple bankruptcies? How better to restore trust in government than to put a guy with two failed marriages in the White House?

    Trump gets the nomination, I’m writing in “Bill the Cat” or voting libertarian in protest.

  6. The only people who believe that Trump has significant support within the OP are Democrats.
    Imagine how differently the media would play the story if Trump announced that he was running as a Democrat.

  7. When considering Trump, it is worthwhile to recall the way the press handled the 3rd party run of Ross Perot in 1992. The press built Perot up as a realistic candidate because they wanted to weaken GHW Bush. It worked; Perot bled enough conservative votes from Bush to hand the election to their preferred candidate, Bill Clinton.

  8. Trump doesn’t have a chance, and I doubt he’s willing to put a significant amount of his own money into his campaign.
    As to the GOP picking it’s candidates 2 years in advance, how come McCain wasn’t the nominee in 2000? Yes, the GOP has a cultural issue of party activists leaning towards a known candidate because it’s “their turn,” but not always. It’s also decreasing with the new generation of activists.
    Compare that to the Democrats that have almost as many Super Delegates (party insiders an automatic vote at their convention) as normal delegates (regular activists elected to represent the schlubs). While a candidate can’t win without regular delegate votes, their are more than enough Super Delegates to swing any endorsement.

  9. That was a trigger phrase, Emery. Please take your racist micro-aggressions to Slate, or Mother Jones.

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