Attention, New York Times!

Between them, Marco Rubio and O. J. Simpson have killed two people.

Among them, Marco Rubio and Bernie Madoff scammed people out of $20 billion.

Together, Marco Rubio and the Minnesota Vikings have lost four Super Bowls.

Marco Rubio and Keith Ellison have, together, 40 unpaid parking tickets and 11 moving violations.

Get right on that.

7 thoughts on “Attention, New York Times!

  1. I’m more concerned about Rubio running for President as a freshman Senator with no executive experience. What could go wrong? If he wants to be president, he can get himself elected governor of Florida for a couple of terms first, and learn while doing that job.

  2. I think Barack Hussien Obama and Al Franken’s past recreational cocaine use is a bigger issue than Rubio’s boat and refrigerator. Whose judgement do you trust more. A man who bought a nice refrigerator, or a man who thinks addictive narrcotics brought into this country by cop killers are fun and harmless?

  3. Wasn’t Hakim X Ellison implicated in a domestic abuse case as well?

    Not that I’m aware of.

    His friends in the media smeared his first opponent in 2006 with an old domestic abuse claim for which he’d never been arrested and which had been expunged from the record.

  4. On Ellison, there was an accusation by a woman, not his wife at the time but it was pretty thin. The media didn’t spend any time on it, certainly not the feeding frenzy they had on the leaked sealed court docs on the Republican.

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