The First Amendment Is My Voter Registration

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

My neighbor just renewed her Permit to Vote.  She’s good to go for another five years.

You didn’t know about that?  Oh yes, it turns out that voting is not a Right protected by the Constitution, it’s a Privilege given by the government to those who qualify.  Applicants must be over 21 years of age, reside in this country legally, take a class at personal expense, demonstrate proper technique before a certified evaluator, show photo ID and submit an application with payment of fees to the County, authorize release of medical data and criminal history . . . it’s fairly involved, requires planning ahead and costs a bit of money.  But the permit is necessary to ensure the integrity of the election process which is the foundation of American government, so it’s a common sense voter-control requirement.

Wait, did I say Vote?  I meant Carry.  Sorry, my bad.

Joe Doakes

This could lead to all sort of “Vote Safety” legislation

1 thought on “The First Amendment Is My Voter Registration

  1. you forgot:
    “provided proof of liability insurance that meets mandated federal, state, and local minimums”

    Liability insurance is the current talking point of anti-gun polezniye duraki like DG!

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