9 thoughts on “The Truth About MNSure…

  1. “…political science professor who studies health care policy.”
    Like coffee, is there anything Larry Jacobs can’t do?
    I’ll have to check the sports page vis-a-vs the the Gophers Citrus Bowl appearance and determine if they name check Larry Jacobs as a “political science professor who studies bowl bid determination policy”

  2. If people won’t voluntarily sign up, we’ll assign them to doctors. And if doctors won’t voluntary participate, we’ll assign them patients, even if it means doctors must relocate and change specialties to meet demand.

    No, this isn’t a new idea – it’s HillaryCare. Coming to you as soon as the Lizard Queen ascends to the Rose Garden Throne.

  3. I still haven’t gotten written confirmation of enrollment in spite of nagging them constantly. Took me five tries to get enrolled, the website never shows that I am. Took me ten minutes last year through Preferred One’s website. I’ll go back into battle tomorrow if I get nothing today.

  4. In Hawaii, we wish our state-run Obamacare was as efficient as Minnesota’s:
    According to the study, just 8,500 Hawaii residents signed up for the Hawaii Health Connector, while 150,000 people are needed to make the program self-sustainable.
    Hawaii received $204 million from the federal government to set up the exchange and build and maintain its website.


  5. Over two grand spent per enrollee before anyone actually got insurance. Pretty bad when you consider that the state had a pre-existing network of “insurance agents” who could have done the job without any set up fees or huge delays due to insufficient computer networks. Ouch.

  6. Larry Jacobs makes the public dumber with his excusing government incompetence over and over. He acts like he doesn’t really know how things work, when in fact there is no way he doesn’t. He does this because that is what is required to keep his job.

  7. Is HHH supposed to be a balanced institution or is it supposed to be dedicated to “Hey government is a great way to get damn near anything done that we need done?”

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