A Campaign Ad, Courtesy MPR

So I was listening to Minnesota Public Radio news yesterday as I was driving home from some errands.

The newscaster introduced a story, saying that politicians were jumping into their final days of their campaigns around Minnesota. She then threw to a story by MPR’s Brett McNealy.

It starts with a bit of the day of the campaigning life of Keith Ellison, extreme ultraliberal and darling of the Kenwood brie and chablis set, hoofing it about North Minneapolis, doing his last minute get out the vote efforts.

And it ended there, too.

No word from the Doug Daggett campaign – Ellisons opponent. No word from Margaret Martin, a Republican running in North Minneapolis (and longtime friend of this blog). 

Any word from anyone but Keith Ellison?

Nope. Just a little radio kissyface for Keith Ellison, with a plaintive reminder mixed in the Republicans are expected to do well.

I wonder – does this piece have to be counted as a campaign contribution?

2 thoughts on “A Campaign Ad, Courtesy MPR

  1. I have always felt that the for-profit media (including MPR) is given a financial landslide every election cycle. Each election seems to outspend the previous election. And who’s the recipient of all this political largesse?

    Since they receive such a disproportionate and largely unworked-for flood of cash each time the polls open, I would think that those who preach “fairness” and “fair share” taxation would be promoting some type of extra tax on such low hanging but lucrative financial fruit … The elections – they didn’t build them …

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Funny, Keith didn’t show up at my door. They do owe Doug equal time, and he worked his butt off ALL over the 5th district, not just in his own (old) neighborhood like Keith.

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