News Flash! Women Aren’t Idiots!

The thing that always bothered me about the Democrat “War on Women” meme wasn’t so much that it was BS (there is no “rape culture”, women with the same credentials and experience are not paid less than men, there is no shortage of contraceptives and Republicans are actually the ones trying to get The Pill sold over the counter – a move Planned Parenthood opposes, since it’d cut into part of their, ahem, gravy train). 

No – it’s the fact that it assumes women are stupid.

The whole campaign springs from the same place as Thomas Franks’ idiotic “What’s The Matter With Kansas“, a book based around the ideal that people should vote for “their interests”, meaning “the party that gives you the most goodies”.  Which is, itself, a noxious but inevitable end-result of the fact that while conservatives see people as assets – individuals of boundless worth who via their existence are capable of creating things that are human, moral or financially good additions to our world and lives; liberals, on the other hand, see humans as liabilities.  And liabilities should seek to have their liability mitigated.   Kansans should vote for more subsidies.  Women should vote for someone who keeps spreading the salve on the sense of victimization they’re suppose to feel. 

It’s why the Obama Administration close to depict its prototype American woman in the form of “Julia“, the pathetic lifelong consumer, blowing hither and yon through her life from one government program to another:

To a liberal, people are liabilities.  Stupid incompetent liabilities whose existence without government is of no meaning.

Women, more so; to the left, women are liabilities those sole worth is measured in their “lady parts”. 

That’s why the news that women are turning on the Democrat Party’s  “poor victimized widdle wimmin” schtick is so un-farging-gardly sweet.

Of course, it’s pretty obvious when you compare the two sides’ women; prominent liberal women seem to have gotten to where they are as a result of their spouses (Hillary! Clinton, Arianna Huffington, Wendy Davis, John Kerry), or by pretending to be someone they’re not (Elizabeth Warren).   (The one exception I can think of is Jennifer Granholm – and she was a terrible governor, who left Rick Snyder a Bulgarian goat-rodeo to clean up). 

Conservative women?  I’m at a loss to think of a prominent conservative women who got to where they’re at for any reason other than being very smart, tough and capable (and moreso, having thicker skin than an M1 Abrams given the “conservative-shaming” that seems to so enthrall the American media; I’m at an even bigger loss to think of the name of the spouse of any prominent conservative woman, other than Todd Palin and Marcus Bachmann – and neither Sarah Palin nor Michele Bachmann depended on either of their spouses to get where they are today.  Nikki Haley?  Susanna Martinez?  Shall I keep going? 

As we slog through the final week of the campaign, the Obama Administration and Democrat candidates around the country are doubling and tripling down on the “war on women” meme.

And if the Democrats lose, and lose even bigger because the female vote deserted them (or should I say the unmarried female vote, since married women are more likely to vote Republican anyway), it’ll be a great sign for gender relations in this country…

…and a signal that only a gender-identity feminist, a U of M women’s studies major (but I repeat myself) or a Jezebel staff writer would be stupuid enough to miss.

8 thoughts on “News Flash! Women Aren’t Idiots!

  1. Mitch:

    I think you’re highlighting one of two parts of the so called women gap.

    Republicans do better with married women in part because as you describe them they think I have to do it (who knows maybe they are carrying hubby through life) and don’t need government. Thus they will support the Republicans.

    The democrats source of this vote is not the sex, but because of their martial status and because of demographics (I believe a far large percent of black women are single and need those goodies)

    So it looks like in the future for the Republicans to turn this stat they have to focus their message to show single women let alone blacks how supporting Republicans will make their lives better.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  2. Walter….correct. I think a key to Republican victories is to make small inroads (for now) into Democrat voting blocks. In some cases, Democrat voting blocks never hear an opposing view. If we have a stong arguement, and reach out to urbanists, Blacks, young unmarried women, and turn, say 10% of them to conservative and libertarian causes, that makes a big difference.
    My point being, we can fight for those 10% (tops) of voters who swtich back and forth between parties, and maybe gain a very small number of votes. Or reach out to those large numbers who always vote Democrat, but aren’t really politically engaged, so may be open to hearing other viewpoints.

  3. Liberal feminism; the theory that women are tough enough for anything, which is why the government ought to pay for the fainting couches and smelling salts to follow powerful women around wherever they go.

  4. POD: I agree. The question is whether the Republican party has drifted too far to be brought back to the mainstream.

  5. The question is whether the Republican party has drifted too far to be brought back to the mainstream.

    It’s a “question” among people who believe they already have the answer.

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