Life In Rep. Hillstrom’s District

 An activist with the Mali Marvin campaign (running against Deb Hillstrom in Brooklyn Center) provided an account on Facebook about the obstruction every Republican activist in a DFL town knows first-hand (included in full below):

DFL abuses exposed again: We’ve been out lit dropping the city. A number of the workers have said they were being followed and photographed so I decided to cover Hillstrom’s neighborhood personally. I didn’t want our people harassed again by these thugs. I didn’t notice being followed. When I went up to the door, put it in the storm door, and when I turned around was confronted by a guy who said he was with Hillstrom’s staff and was sore I put the lit on the door. He wanted to challenge me on that and my right to do that but I wasn’t taking any of it and pointed out that dropping lit is legal. But he was clearly mad about it. I went about dropping the rest of that block and moved to my next area a little bit south. Soon thereafter I was approached two separate times by different vehicles hunting me trying to get photos. After the second one came by in as many minutes I decided the situation was escalating and I dialed the 911 call. We’ve been alleging for some time that the City of Brooklyn Center police cover for the local elected officials and it took them over 48 hours to take the report (I only got it this morning). And they said no crime was committed (which we’ve heard from them quite a few times before). This will be great stuff for the troops. The cars involved all returned to “scene of the crime” which is apparently their campaign “war room.” I don’t think it is okay to chase down people in cars and confront them and try to deny people their constitutional rights or to intimidate or harass them for political purposes.

 Does Representative Hillstrom knowher peopleare intimidating the opposition on her behalf?

I think also it is hard to deny knowledge of stuff like this when it is coming out of people working in your own house. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as what they did 2 years ago…but the people have been complaining about this behavior of theirs and I observed it myself first hand (and took some photos). We also saw some of these same cars placing the little Debbie’s that have been showing up in people’s yards so that was a helpful coincidence.

The union thugs have harassed us before. They’ll tell the volunteers that republicans aren’t allowed in their neighborhood or that they are in charge of lit dropping in this area and if you want lit dropped you have to go through them… you know what they do with republican lit (goes in the garbage). We don’t have as much problem with this now that they’ve figured out that they are getting caught and they don’t want to get caught by people outside Brooklyn Center’s control. If we went to Hennepin county we wouldn’t have trouble getting this problem dealt with but we don’t have time for stuff like that right now and the democrats know it.

I also think they just can’t help themselves. They do this sort of stuff all the time. It is just what they do. Having (3) Three DFL groups running against Mali in this area complicates things too (the City of Brooklyn Center DFL, the City of Brooklyn Park DFL, and the SD40 DFL).

I’ll add emphasis for the next bit:

But I think the trouble makers are all the same people. And it is pretty apparent they are well known by their leadership. The people we were having trouble with a few days ago (and even most of this week) were operating out of Deb Hillstrom’s house (Mali’s opponent). And given she is a lawyer and sitting state representative we can only assume she condones this stuff. We know she isn’t stupid.

 We also make it a practice to have one of my committee there when we report crimes so they can hear the Brooklyn Center Police tell us that no crime occurred. It is also interesting to compare how Brooklyn Center responds to essentially the same sort of complaint versus how Brooklyn Part does (apples to apples). We don’t normally have problems like this in Brooklyn Park.

  Next election, I think the GOP needs to organize trackers to videotape the way the DFL acts in “their” districts.

And start training campaigns in how to respond effectively to DFL depravity. 


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  1. As a BC resident who knows many of these players, I am very confident that our police et al are not part of any conspiracy as alleged here. Give our police in every community some credit, that they’re going to be arms length in campaigns, much like the courts. Indeed, suppose they did follow up on every lead and complaint. You know very well it would be the DFL on speed dial.

    That said, Deborah Hillstrom is another good person gone bad by the system. She used to think, she used to care, she used to bleed Brooklyn Center. No longer, her goal now Speaker, Majority Leader, Sec. of State, Lt Gov, …? I’ll be voting for Mali.

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