Good Cop, Bad Cop

Good Cop: Pine County Sheriff, a Real American, tells Barack Rex to go pound sand:

On a day when President Obama was preparing a slate of proposals to stem gun violence in America, Pine County Sheriff Robin Cole said he would consider any new federal regulation on guns to be illegal and would “refuse to carry it out.”

“We will not enforce that,” Cole told the News Tribune of any potential federal regulation that could lead to confiscation of firearms.

Obama is expected to announce proposals today including limits on the sale of assault weapons and strengthening background checks, but not confiscating existing guns.

Bad Cop:  Chaska Police chief and long-time anti-civil-rights douchebag Scott Knight barks on command for the Administration.

No, I’m not going to quote him.

3 thoughts on “Good Cop, Bad Cop

  1. This is the same guy who, in 2007, protested the Iraq War saying the increased military use of 5.56mm ammunition drove up the price so local police departments couldn’t afford to practice, leaving local citizens less well protected. I wrote his Mayor to ask whether the good chief had requested a budget adjustment to cover the increased costs in light of his confession that his officers were ill trained and unprepared but received rather a curt reply that it was none of my business since I didn’t live in Chaska.

    The guy’s been a Democrat shill for years, which is why he was invited to speak to Democrats in a show-hearing in Washington. He’s popular enough to keep his job in Chaska, which is a good place for him.

  2. Cole was interviewed on the other morning talk show today. Amazingly, I happened to be in the car for his entire interview so I heard the whole thing. He laid out a very logical and reasoned argument showing why it was not only his personal preference, but the legal duty of EVERY Sheriff in MN (yes, including the usually reliable but recently wobbly HennCo Sheriff Stanek) to refuse to enforce any federal mandates that are unconstitutional (for any amendment, not just the 2nd amendment). He didn’t go so far as to say that any federal agent that attempts to enforce unconstitutional laws/executive orders/whatever would be arrested and charged with a felony like other Sheriffs around the country have done in the last few days, but he did say that they had to check in with him immediately upon arriving in his county.

  3. Always question a police chief who wears more stars on his uniform than she/he has sworn personnel in his/ her department …

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