RIP Karl Bremer

Karl Bremer passed away from complications of pancreatic cancer yesterday.

Bremer, the co-author of “The Madness of Michele Bachmann: A Broad-Minded Survey of a Small-Minded Candidate,” died Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 15, at his house in Stillwater Township, from complications related to pancreatic cancer. He was 60.

Bremer was a tenacious muckraker, an award-winning blogger and an avid photographer. His blog — Ripple in Stillwater — was named Best Local Blog by City Pages in 2012. He also received several Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists awards for best use of public records.

I’d never speak ill of the dead.  Bremer had his friends and family.  I’m sorry for everyone’s loss.

But looking at all the references to Bremer as a “journalist”, I have to ask – is Brian Lambert going to ask to see his “badge?“, retroactively?

11 thoughts on “RIP Karl Bremer

  1. I agree. Considering that I’m almost that age and having watched loved ones die from cancer, it is a tragedy. That said, how much emotional pain had he caused other people with half truths, speculation and lies?

  2. Please. The air ya’ll are breathing is that much cleaner this morning, and it’s no sin to say so.

    How’s Avidor doing these days? Any dizziness? Sharp pains?

  3. On second thought, I do have something good to say about scumbag Karl. At least he didn’t do his lunatic stalking on the public’s dime, like his pals Eva and Gleason.

    I’m filled with stinkin’ compassion today….

  4. Oh, off the subject, but since I’m getting all sentimental and mushy. Bakk says the DFL cut the pay of GOP staffers to offset the costs of litigating Long Dong Brodkorb’s dirtbag lawsuit.

    Good. The MN GOP needed that lesson.

  5. I get that you don’t want to speak ill of the dead, Mitch. So I will.

    Bremer was an asshole. The only reason all of these media douchebags are squirting tears over his demise is because he was THEIR asshole. It’s the same reason they take pieces of garbage like Avidor and Young seriously. They are scumbags, but the enemy of their enemy Bachmann is their friend.

    If Bremer had been a Republican and all other things were equal, David Brauer and Brian Lambert would be dancing on his grave, if they even admitted he existed.

  6. “It’s the same reason they take pieces of garbage like Avidor and Young seriously.” Avidor? You can’t be serious. The guy is a mental midget on twitter.

  7. Isn’t this guy the stalker who took other stalkers around Washington County, stopping at Congresswoman Bachmann’s house, business, children’s school?

    Mitch, if a stalker drove bigots by your kids schools, would you speak so nicely of him upon is death?

  8. I’d never heard of Bremer either. A brief review of his published works, particularly his blog, persuaded me that I didn’t miss much. There’s only so much room in my tolerance bag for churlish behavior and Mr Bremer seems to have exceeded the limit a long time ago.

  9. Again, I never, ever speak ill of the dead. I just don’t. Bad form.

    But I don’t think “AK” was far off. Sorry to say.

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