This One’s For You, Gun Grabbers

“If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

– Samuel Adams

I’m way ahead of posterity.

Today they’re coming for the Second Amendment.  Tomorrow they’re coming for the rights you care about.

To Republicans?  No more compromise, on guns or taxes or the debt.  No retreat, no surrender.  Stand firm, or your head will go on the pike (rhetorically speaking) too.

Speaking for an awful lot of Real Americans?  We’ve had enough.  What’s that “Chicago Way” line from The Untouchables?  “They’ve put the Constitution in the hospital, we put them…”, rhetorically and politically speaking, “in the morgue”. 
You have a pro-Second-Amendment senator or rep, at the state or national level?  If you’re a Real American, call them and let them know you have a gun and you vote. 
If you are “represented” by a prohibitionist?  Get their position on Obama’s upcoming jamdown in words.  Make sure your friends and neighbors know the position.  Don’t take waffling for an answer; yes, they support the President, or no they don’t.  Waffling is a yes. 
No more retreat.  No more surrender.  

13 thoughts on “This One’s For You, Gun Grabbers

  1. NRA money has no impact on congressional elections, it spreads its money over so many races, and that NRA endorsements are almost meaningless as most go to incumbent Republicans with little chance of losing.

    One also has to wonder if the organisation has a winning strategy for the future. Although the number of firearms in the country continues to rise, most of these sales are to repeat customers. Over the last three decades the number of households with guns has steadily declined.

    White males, the ‘gun consumer’ sector of American society, also make up an increasingly smaller percentage of the population. What the industry actually needs is more Latino, black and female gun enthusiasts. But the NRA isn’t delivering these.

    The individuals at the last NRA convention I attended, were older white men. The main sign of women in the hall were the lightly clad girls advertising guns. The NRA’s magazines feature ads for leaf mulchers and Viagra, but not apparently the ‘sexy, fast and practical’ bra gun holster. Simply put, it caters to and aging demographic. It advocates for a ‘potentially dangerous product’ that is of less interest to American households.

    Time will tell, but it seems reasonable to wonder whether the NRA has as much firepower as it claims.

  2. 4.3 million members.

    Up from 4.1 a month ago.

    No end in sight.

    You claim that the NRA’s membership is ageing. Perhaps. On the other hand, it’s events like this that shake up and change things.

    And it’s become a cultural conceit to sniff down the nose at middle-aged white guys. It’s a big mistake. Some of them are pretty smart and work very hard when they get riled up.

  3. I want to see a concerted effort to remove every New York state legislator who endorsed Cuomo’s law, that had the temerity to lie to the Republican voters that elected them.

    We can do this people; it’s happened before. Let’s outfit Congress with the same sort of fire-breathing conservatives Clinton had to deal with after he banned guns.

  4. Emery, I know several people that are first time gun owners and have met many more. I spend at least two Saturday mornings a month at the Minneapolis Gun Club shooting range and I see plenty of people, mostly young women lately, getting their C&C shooting training, with their first guns.

    As for NRA gaining members, I have heard the instructors recommend that they join either the NRA, NAGR or other gun owner’s association. Now, I don’t know how many of them ultimately join, but locally, the recruiting efforts are there.

  5. Boss: When Pravda is more moderate than our own press, we may have stepped through the Looking Glass.

  6. Big, great point.

    I have mentioned several times that in my daily sales activities, my former Soviet Bloc customers and friends, are sounding the alarm, too. As a couple of them have told me; they recognize socialists when they see and hear them. After the elections put more socialists into state government, the owners of the businesses are considering moving to a GOP run state.

  7. “Would it make you feel any better, little girl, if they was (sic) pushed out windows?” Archie Bunker to daughter Gloria in response to her dismay at “gun violence”. From “All in the Family”, a 1970’s TV show.

    An old friend, never a gun person, called me for information regarding NRA membership. He has since joined. While you have no reason to believe me, he is not a person to get on bandwagons or spend a penny foolishly. I can’t believe he’s alone.

    I would be interested to see the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) response to enhanced reporting requirements. The APA’s code of ethics is pretty strict regarding confidentiality. While I’m sure they will make it work – schools offering master’s level counseling programs are turning-out licensable graduates by the ton and they all need work – the gyrations and justifications will be interesting.

    I wonder if/when stricter mental health requirements for gun ownership are put into place, the first responders (police) to the Newtown tragedy will be able to keep their jobs?

    The horror of the scene will be with them forever. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – described as the mind’s normal respone to an abnormal situation – will need to be dealt with, usually psychologically.

    Like our returning veterans, will these poor officers be relieved of their weapons due to PTSD or their history of mental healt care?

  8. Emery doesn’t take note of the NRA elected B.O.D. which has “minority” membership including 9 women members, one a past President. Maybe Emery can tell us the percentage breakdown of the NRA by age and ethnicity, I’m doubtful though.

  9. bosshoss429,
    When my wife was alive, we used to belong to a couples trap league at the Minneapolis Gun Club in Lakeville. Lot’s of evenings spent there with good friends. And the folks there were always willing to provide help when someone wanted to improve their shooting skills. Both my kids received their gun training certificates there as well. And yes, the NRA taught the gun training classes.

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