Rally For Civil Rights On Saturday

They’re coming for your guns.

Oh, not all of them, and not today.  But by executive fiat, Barack Rex is about to stick that camel’s nose under the tent all the way to the shoulders.

Make no mistake; this is a diversion to draw the peoples’ attention away from the terrible economy and the ruinous debt.  But the fact is, if we lose our civil and human right to defend our lives, our property and our liberty in a diversion, it’s no less lost than if it were Barack Rex’s main focus.

So it’s time for all Real Americans to come to the aid of the Constitution, while we still can.

Saturday at noon is the “Guns Across America” rally at the State Capitol grounds.

More details as the weak grinds along.

It’s go time, Real America.


4 thoughts on “Rally For Civil Rights On Saturday

  1. Just so happens I’m going to be in town on Saturday, Mitch. E-mail me your phone number.

  2. I’m trying to rearrange business commitments so I can attend. If I’m able you’ll know me by the sign I’ll carry “ARREST AND JAIL ERIC HOLDER THE GUN RUNNER”.

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