Question For Carver County Republicans

A little bird sent me a copy of the proposed agenda.  It’s a copy of a meeting agenda for a meeting last night.  I’ve added emphasis to the bit that concerns me:



Full committee meeting

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chanhassen American Legion Club

290 Lake Drive East, Chanhassen, MN

Call to order 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of allegiance and invocation

Recognition and welcome to first time attendees

Secretary’s report Vince Beaudette

Treasurer’s report John Kunitz

Annual Convention details and other updates Steve Nielsen

Comments by Rachel Horn, Political Director for Congresswoman Michelle Bachman

Comments by Keith Downey, Candidate for Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota

Update on early happenings in St Paul by Representative Ernie Leidiger

Consideration of Resolutions

  • Abolish the Met Council
  • Reject the National Party Rules change that requires delegates be bound by straw vote results on the first ballot for President
  • Ask Republican Legislators to rescind their “no new taxes” pledge and enter into a compromise solution in an effort to resolve the national debt crisis

Adjourn and socialize

A couple, of questions, Carver Party People:

  1. Did the emphasized resolution pass?
  2. Could whomever it is who’s putting this resolution forth kindly tell me if, when you’re buying a car, you start with the price that you’re willing to pay and then move up, normally?

Parts of the MNGOP seem to be stuck on stupid.  It’s dismaying that one of those parts is in bright-red Carver County.

2 thoughts on “Question For Carver County Republicans

  1. I can live with certain new taxes if the following three conditions exist and it is proven that they exist:

    1) That it really is a compromise with limits on spending increases. Not just a promise that will never be followed through on.
    2) The tax increases have to be the least harmful kind. Example, don’t chase more businesses (industrial type) away
    3) Democrats can’t use this to stab Republican compromisers in the back (see Bush 41 in 1992).

    Anyone see what United Airlines is doing with fuel purchases in Illinois? They found out that they can save 10’s of millions a year by purchasing jet fuel in Sycamore Illinois vs Cook County, due to greater Chicago/Cook county’s 10% sales tax.
    Cook County is throwing a fit about this.

  2. You really need one more condition, there, don’t you? I call it 0) PROVE to me that every last dollar already being taken in is being spent on the necessary, essential and constitutionally permitted functions of government.

    That would tend to take quite a few tax increases out of contention, I think.

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