15 thoughts on “Why Is Obama Putting So Much Effort Into Gun Control, Where The Public Opposes Him 3:1, For No Discernable Political Purpose?

  1. Regulate. It’s the way to do an end-run on the Constitution. Disarming the American public would be Order #1 in the New World Order.

  2. Nice poll, Emery. Won’t matter at all because

    a) Gun owners vote; and
    b) Politicians in districts and states where gun owners live know that and comport themselves accordingly.

    If you can present a poll where 52% of likely voters, not adults, support the sorts of things this poll suggested, then perhaps it might happen. But you won’t be able to find one.

  3. Emery, you are truly showing your useful idiocy by using a WaPo poll as supporting your argument.

    On another note, love the picture of the Dear Leader with the usual smug, arrogant, elitist expression on his face, as he spews his crap. Looks a bit like Benito Mussolini.

  4. The NRA just signed up 250,000 new members…in one month.

    They are on track to have 5 Million members by March.

    These people not only vote, each paid a minimum of $30 to put their money where their mouths are. Think they might get busy around election time?

    Gallup can kiss my ass, and so can Emery and his buddy Barry.

  5. swiftee nails it, 250K folks just did a vote, and given how the anti-gun crowd plays there’s probably going to be a lot more new members to the NRA. Barry’s not up against an election anytime soon, many others are, and they remember how well the Clinton ban served them.

  6. Actually, an NRA membership is on sale – $25 per year. I recently renewed for the usual $35 so I signed my wife up. Now I’ll get both magazines as well as furthering the cause. Now’s the time for anyone considering a membership to pull the trigger.

    As far as the OP, one would almost think that President Obama was stirring all this gun stuff up to distract people from other things he’s doing. I wonder if this could be referred to as a political flash mob?

  7. bosshoss429,
    Did you actually read the poll prior to posting your comment? Or did the force of your knee hitting your chin as it reflexively knee-jerked cause you to lose your common sense?

    In the same poll there appears to be support for arming people in schools (NRA’s position) than you might think.

    /First, a majority (55 percent) of Americans in the poll support the idea of putting an armed guard in every school in the country…/

    /Second, when asked whether stricter gun laws or armed guards would do more to curb gun violence in schools, 43 percent chose tighter gun laws while 41 percent named armed guards — a statistical dead heat./

  8. Say Thom, will you be wearing those ass-less chaps of yours? I heard they were soft magenta is that true? If so, you have both style and swagger! ;^)

  9. ”A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that most Americans support tough new measures to counter gun violence, including an assault weapons ban, mandatory background checks and other policies.”

    There is no reason to believe that any of the items mentioned will ‘counter gun violence’. Which of the ‘tough new measures’ approved of would have prevented the Sandyhook slaughter or lessened the number of casualties?

    And while I’m in a curmudgeonly mood, what makes people think posting an armed guard — even a policeman — at a school would prevent violence? Some of those security guards are nuts, and don’t get me started about the rates of depression and general nuttiness for cops.

  10. While I haven’t had time to look at the WaPo “poll” in question, I’ll suspect it’s the same as every other poll that’s shown a majority in support of “tough gun control”:

    – It’s random adults, not voters.
    – It’s a generic question about gun control, rather than specifics. I mean, *I* favor “gun control”, when it refers to keeping guns out of the hands of felons, the insane and children. If we were being strict about the question, I’d be part of the majority.

    But that’s OK, Emery. You keep running with that.

  11. Don’t worry about my chaps, moonbat. When it comes time for you to kiss my hairy ass, you’ll chew through whatever I’m wearing.

  12. From the occasionally wise (meaning she agrees with me) Ann Althouse:

    It occurred to me, after the Sandy Hook murders, that blaming guns is a secular substitute for blaming the devil. People find it too challenging to figure out why a human being would do this terrible thing and they latch on to the idea that the gun made it happen. Suicide presents a similar challenge, and one way to fathom it is to say: It was the gun. Isn’t it like saying the devil made him do it? The gun/the devil is a great go-to answer, freeing you from wracking your brain about the workings of the human mind.

  13. Mr. Berg, The lede you supplied was begging for context.

    I’m more inclined to agree with both of Terry’s two comments.

    The underlying arguments for and against gun control have shifted little. Guns are a part of American culture. We are who we are, and won’t change quickly.

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