We’re Number One!

Minnesota’s Latino community voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama and, more importantly at the moment, for the DFL.

And; what did they get?

Minnesota’s achievement gap among Latino high school students is the worst in the US:

Minnesota has the largest Hispanic achievement gap with Latinos lagging 33 percent in graduation rate than their white counterparts. Only 51 percent of Latinos graduated from high school in the state (the worst Latino graduation rate of any state), whereas 84 percent of whites graduated from high school in the same state. Our nation’s capitol, the District of Columbia had the second biggest achievement gap, with 30 percent.

So here’s a question for all you Latino DFL voters; other than rhetoric, what’s your DFL vote getting you?

17 thoughts on “We’re Number One!

  1. “We seem to have had another ‘drive by’ commenting, where someone visits, makes an[sic] comment full of unsubstantiated accusations, and then runs away when they can’t provide facts to refute a substantive refutation of their accusations.

    Sad. But typical of the reactionary/progressive ideology that puts what they want to believe in place of what is factual.”

    DG where’s your homework?

  2. yeah she wrote that on her site back in Sept – the bold reflects an editorial decision on my part –

  3. Well, it gets them sanctuary so they can get multiple DWIs, kill people and/or damage their property and get away with it without being deported. Re: the lapse in education part, if this isn’t the perfect illustration to implement performance standards for the union slaves on the MEA plantation, then I don’t know what is!

  4. I can’t figure out what point DG is trying to make.
    If the ‘hispanic community’ consists of non-citizens, they couldn’t have voted for anyone in November, given that there is no such thing as voter fraud in Minnesota.
    This leads me to conclude that DG believes all hispanics, even those who are citizens, yay, even going back multiple generations, are really citizens of foreign countries.
    It used to be that she only held bigoted opinions against white people. This is breaking new ground for her! I boldly predict that Dog Gone will vote Buchanan in 2016!

  5. Terry brings up an excellent question. Latino VOTERS are either citizens or committing voter fraud. According to DG there is no voter fraud in MN, therefore all Latino Voters are citizens. Why would a citizen feel the need to self deport?

  6. I suspect that Republicans are starting to hate the word, “demography.” Self inflicted wounds sting worse than the cuts of foes.

  7. You say Latinos are struggling in school? They’re failing and dropping out in record numbers? And they overwhelmingly vote Democrat?

    Well there you have it. We’ve always gone under the understanding that racism perpetuates ignorance…turns out ignorance is racist!

  8. Thanks Emery.

    As Mitch will attest, I’ve always enjoyed observing leftists celebrating the fruits of the destruction of the public school system; who would have ever thought ignorance was a profit center?

  9. I’ve always been confused by the issue. Don’t all students, regardless of race, gender, etc. receive the same schooling? That is, the Latino student would usually go to the same public school as his non-Latin neighbors.

    If so, wouldn’t the blame for the Latino’s lack of academic success lie with the unsuccessful student and his family, assuming that non-Latin students in the same school do well academically?

  10. Joe,
    Good point. Student success is most highly corellated not with good teachers or good schools, but with good parents. Schools will never really succeed until parents force their kids to take education seriously.

    Ronald Reagan is supposed to have said: ‘Latinos are Republicans, they just don’t know it yet.’ It should not be beyond the wit of Republicans to craft a version of the American dream that works for this changing demographic .

  11. No, no, no! Latino students (and also Black girls) are shunted onto different tracks by “career counsellors.” Latinos get pushed into ‘service’ industry tracks where they learn basic arithmetic to count how many towels to put in the room after they make the beds. Black girls get diverted onto the Teenage Motherhood track so they learn to apply for WIC as unwed mothers. These are completely different classes from the white kids, who get placed on the “worthless college degree” track to obain bachelors’ degrees in Womyn’s Studies and English Lit.

    It’s all an insidious plot by White people to oppress minorities and it’s obviously working so STFU and give us more money to keep the racissss machinery in operation.

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