Obama’s War On Women

NOW notes that Obama’s cabinet is about 30% women, and they are not amused:

Currently, the president, who garnered 55 percent of the women’s vote on Election Day, has eight females in his 23-member cabinet. According the National Organization for Women, that number isn’t nearly high enough.

NOW president Terry O’Neill, in an interview with The Daily Caller, explained that she would like to see complete gender parity in Obama’s second-term cabinet.

To pay back all the chits that the Administration owes, it also needs to have 2-3 Afro-Americans, 3-4 Latinos, an Asian, a gay secretary (maybe two for affirmative action)…

…and it’d probably be the right thing to do to make ’em all unionized.

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6 thoughts on “Obama’s War On Women

  1. I’m ordinarily not a huge fan of unions, but if they’d cripple the Obama administration the way they have ports on the west coast, I’m all for unionizing his cabinet!

  2. It has been pointed out before the election that Obumbler runs a “boys club” and the women on his staff are just there for window dressing, to be seen and not heard. They are also paid as much as 20% LESS than their male colleagues, yet the hypocrites at NOW never called him on that. They were more interested in crapping on conservative women whenever possible.

  3. One of the most liberal woman I know…..I recently brought up to her that 90% of Minnesota’s prison population is made up of men, therefore the system is rigged against men.

    She pointed out that there is so much more going on here, that it is more then just gender counting. I asked her why she supports pay equity laws. I got no response.

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