Let’s Try This Again

To:  Dog Gone, Chanting Point Congruency Analyst, “Penigma”
From:  M Berg, overly patient guy
Re:  “Crap Legislation”

Ms. Gone,

Last  legislative session, in the wake of Governor Messinger Dayton  vetoing the “Stand Your Ground” Bill – which had just been passed by a bipartisan majority of legislators – you insisted volubly that the bill was “crap legislation”.

When asked repeatedly to please elaborate with details as to exactly how the bill – which, I remind you, was passed with a convincing bipartisan majority, and was largely identical to similar laws that have been roundly successful nationwide – was “crap”, you begged off due to time commitments.

Fair enough.

But you’ve not only found time since then to…

So enough equivocating, dodging, and smoke-screening.  Why, exactly, was Cornish’s bill “crap?”  Please be specific; attempt to submit actual facts that logically connect to a thesis, so we can debate the issue. 

I don’t think you can.  I think you were reciting the chanting points the left put out on the subject – which I have spent years patiently, laboriously, factually and completely debunking on this blog, and will no doubt do again after 2014 – and you don’t really understand the issue.  In fact, if I were a gambling man, I’d bet serious bank on it.

But by all means go to it!

That is all!

6 thoughts on “Let’s Try This Again

  1. I have FACTCHECKED this topic, and am prepared to conclude that if Mongrel Cur fails to deliver the goods, it’s IRREFUTABLE PROOF that she is a RACIST.

    Why does Mr. Cur provide financial support to racists?

  2. Just to help frame the debate, let’s clarify that there are related but independent concepts under discussion, let’s not confuse them:

    Stand Your Ground says you should be able to defend yourself anyplace you have a legal right to be. No duty to retreat if you have reasonable fear of harm (the Zimmerman-Treyvon situation). That is NOT the law in Minnesota today – our law says you Must Run Away if at all possible.

    Castle Doctrine says your home is your castle and anybody who violates it does so at their peril. You have no duty to flee your own home and the invasion of your home itself creates a presumtion that you have a reasonable fear of harm that justifies defending yourself (the Little Falls situation). That is NOT the law in Minnesota today – you don’t have to flee but you must convince a jury that the burglar was scary enough to justify self-defense.

    Both are grounded in the concept of self-defense but they handle different situations with different standards. Now, what about them to you hate, Dog?

  3. With all these guns in the hands of well trained, law-abiding citizens, where’s a cowardly thug supposed to go where he/she can feel safe?

    Perhaps Chicago, where the backwards laws keep guns out of the hands of the well trained and law abiding thus creating millions of potential victims….AND the cowardly thug can still get their Minnesota welfare checks….

  4. “Please be specific; attempt to submit actual facts that logically connect to a thesis, so we can debate the issue.”

    had to laugh at this!

    reviewing her usual posts or worse going to her site where her missives have all the editorial rigor of a lamppost in Dinkytown doesn’t presage a cogent or coherent reply

  5. You are thinking: “This is a self-defense issue — plain as day!”
    They are thinking: “This is granting license to white property owners to shoot minorities. It’s racist, plain as day!”

  6. I wonder what kind of a moral dilemma Doggy and her significant other would react in this situation: while walking through their utopian community, a couple of wealth redistribution specialists, decide to stick guns in their faces and confiscate their money, jewelry, etc. and then throw in a rape of Ms. Holier than thou for good measure. Suddenly, a legally armed citizen looks out his window and decides to get involved. He puts a .357 round through the leg of one of the Obama supporters and the other one, choosing saving his own ass over hanging around waiting for a second shot, takes off like a fart in the wind. My guess is that her lawyer husband offers to defend the wounded perp “pro bono” on account of he’s a victim don’t you know and Doggy is his main witness.

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