Open Letter To Candidate Franken

To:  Al Franken

From: Mitch Berg – mere peasant taxpayer

Re:  When The Going Gets Tough.

Mr. Franken,

I’m Mitch Berg.  I’m a conservative Christian Republican.  And I wouldn’t vote for you if you waterboarded me.

But I’m here to ask of you; please, please, Al – be a profile in courage.

Resist the tide.

Don’t drop out of the race.

Now, I don’t give you a lot of credit in the whole “guts” and “perseverence” department; partly because you run like a scared bunny before even the fundamentally-friendly mainstream media, to say nothing of conservative media; if you can’t handle Minnesota’s notoriously-DFL-up-sucking deadtree press corps or a group of conservative bloggers, how the hell are you going to deal with the knock-down, drag-out of life in the Senate?

No matter.  You need…Minnesota needs you to stick this battle out.

Go for the nomination, Al.  Fight for every last Minnesota DFLer vote.  Raise every DFL dollar you can.  Battle for every news cycle.  Send your oppo people to slash and burn your opponents – and respond in kind to their assaults!

The Minnesota DFL needs it, Al.  And deserves it. 

Please, Al.  You’re good enough.  You’re smart enough.  And dog-gone it, bloggers need you.

That is all.

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