Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Media, Part II?

Andy Birkey at the MinMon notes:

Have Michele Bachmann’s media gaffes and extreme conservative views [closed circuit to Birkey; are there any other kind? Or does the MNMon’s software prepend “extreme” to every instance of “conservative” in everyone’s copy? – Ed] driven her to speak mainly to conservative and Christian-right news outlets? Bachmann’s media appearances since her election create the impression of a member of Congress who is shy when not among friends, and perhaps a campaign that is concerned about what happens when a nonconservative microphone or camera is pointed in her direction.

Or – here’s another suggestion – someone who recognized what a hatchet job the regional media has been pulling on her for her entire political career?

Just a suggestion.

But that’s not the point of this post. Let’s try something new: let’s ask the same question in reverse.

How many regional liberal pols will do appearances outside the cozy, comfy club of the region’s reliably lefty-coddling mainstream media? (For a good laugh, check further down in Birkey’s piece – he calls WCCO and MPR and Almanac “mainstream”. [Closed circuit to Andy, again; Ed Morrissey and I are closer to the “mainstream” than either of those outlets – Ed]).

Andy notes that the Congresswoman has not responded to the Monitor’s many requests for interviews; perhaps Birkey feels the Monitor is “mainstream”. Whatever – it probably stands to reason that much of the regional dead-tree media has been asking for interviews. In that context, Birkey’s question is a good one.

Fair enough.

I wonder how well the shoe works on the other foot?

How many of Minnesota’s legions of DFL politicians, media figures and other eminementos feel like manning up and mixing it up with the conservative alt-media?

Birkey, or someone like him, will no doubt complain “it’s a lousy comparison! The NARN is bunch of “out” conservatives”. Actually, it’s a cop-out on two counts; at least we, unlike most the the Twin Cities’ mainstream media (to say nothing of the Monitor) are up-front about our biases; more importantly, Ed and I do fair, up-front interviews; we don’t ambush people (you know who you’re talking to), we don’t snip out bits of interview to engineer into a mutated context after the fact. We are, in short, the most honest interviewers in the Twin Cities media by a long, long way.

I’ll be sending out emails to a list of regional liberal personalities, asking them to appear on the Northern Alliance Volume II or, failing that, do an email interview with yours truly for this blog. The list includes:

  1. Senator Amy Klobuchar (why is it so hard to find an email address on her campaign website?)
  2. Senate candidate Al Franken (sent!)
  3. Rep. Keith Ellison (left a voicemail and an email)
  4. Rep. Betty McCollum (her office’s email processor seems to be mucked up; I left a message with her local press assistant)
  5. Minneapolis mayor RT Rybak (Email sent).
  6. “Growth and Justice” poobah Joel Kramer (email sent)

I’ll post the answers in this space when they come back.

(Kudos to the thin film of local left-leaners who do mix it up with the good guys; Eric Black, DFL chair Brian Melendez, and…well, that’s about it. On the other hand, brickbats to Nick Coleman, who responded to my request for an interview by demanding a $1,000 donation to a Saint Paul school).

Great idea, Andy!

The boilerplate for my email appears below the fold.

To: ____________

From: Mitch Berg – Northern Alliance Radio Network/Shot In The Dark/True North

Subject: Media Request

Dear ________

I’m Mitch Berg. I’m a co-host of the “Northern Alliance Radio Network”, heard Saturdays from 11-5 on AM1280 The Patriot in the Twin Cities (and via the web on AM1280thepatriot.com).

As you’re aware, polarization, and the anger that it breeds, is jeopardizing our civic society. And yet, as a person who [represents/wants to represent/communicates with] all of Minnesota in all its diverse glory, you understand the need for dialogue to reach across the partisan divide.

With that in mind, I’d like to request an interview with you on the Northern Alliance broadcast, between 1 and 3PM on any Saturday convenient to you. Hold your stereotypes; while my cohost Ed Morrissey and I are overt conservatives and incisive interviewers, we are respectful, civil, and we seek a conversation, not a catfight.

Again, this offer is extended for any Saturday afternoon, completely at your convenience.

If you are unable to do an interview, I’d respectfully like to request the opportunity to do an interview with you via email, again at your convenience. The interview will appear, unedited, on my blogs, Shot In The Dark (shotinthedark.info) and True North (looktruenorth.com).

Thank you, and may God bless America.

Mitch Berg

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    Is anyone else hungry all of a sudden?

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