Hey, Wait!

Hasn’t the Twin Cities media – especially the “alternative”, liberal version – been barbering for years about how Rep. Michele Bachmann just doesn’t do “mainstream” media?

Why, yes – they have

But – did I hear Michele Bachmann doing an extended interview with Cathy Wurzer on MPR’s Morning Edition this morning?

Why, yes I did!

Someone tell Andy Birkey!

No, don’t.  Rather, tell Keith Ellison, Betty McCollum, Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar, all of whom I’ve invited onto the Northern Alliance Radio Network in the past two years, none of whom have so much as responded.  (In the interest of completeness, note that Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak appeared, as did “Growth and Justice” majordomo Dane Smith.  We had a great time talking with both of ’em, because – shibboleths about conservative talk radio aside – Ed Morrissey and I will put our cross-aisle interviews up against anything in the commercial or public media today in terms of civility and fairness (while allowing that we are, in fact, conservative).

So whatdya say, Reps Ellison and McCollum?  How about it, Senators Franken and Klobuchar? 

For that matter, we’ve had an invite out to Common Cause Minnesota for six weeks now – submitted on this blog, via email, via a voice mail message, and on Twitter.  Not a word.

How about Denise Cardinal of “Alliance for a Better Minnesota”?  Perhaps she could come on the show and discuss the Dayton-family-finance slime campaign she orchestrated?

For that matter, howzabout we get an invite to Mark Dayton?  I’ve heard Tom Emmer do a center-left show; d’ya suppose Dayton’s got the gumption to go across the aisle…

…like Representative Bachmann did?

3 thoughts on “Hey, Wait!

  1. I remember the Dane Smith interview. It was excellent radio. But Dane isn’t an elected official with an ass to cover…

  2. The best thing a conservative can do is go to interviews live. Go to the other side and talk. Let me give you a couple of examples.

    First political rally I ever went to was a Tommy Thompson/George HW Bush rally in 1986. At that time, all of my news came from old legacy media. After Bush got done, I thought “huh, this guy is pretty cool. He is nothing like the dumb-ass that Big Media portrays him as”.

    I am always impressed with Congresswoman Bachmann when I hear her speak live.

    A few months ago, I went to the Stand With Israel rally at the Jewish community center in western Mpls. As I was walking out, a couple of (okay if I use a stereotype here) what appeared and sounded to be liberal Jewish women were walking out behind me. They were commenting on how they were impressed they were with Bachmann. How she is so different in person then the impression you get about her from the media.

    My point is….our side comes out ahead by going live and unfiltered. The other side…..well……see McCallum in the one debate she did this fall.

  3. Sorry, Chuck;

    I can’t think about Betty’s debate without laughing so hard that I’ll wet myself, so…I just refuse to do it!

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