Waiting For The Outrage

To: The Twin Cities mainstream media

From: Mitch Berg, Regular Schnook

Re: Double Standard

Dear Madames and Sirs,

Remember the spring of 2010?  When you furrowed your stately brows and tut-tutted about the ugliness, “vitriol” and “incipient violence” in American politics, when some of you noticed some questionable signs among a tiny fringe of Tea Partiers?  Many of which were shown to be either beyond the fringe, out of context, or complete false flags?

I’m wondering where the indignation, the brow-furrowing, the concern is over this:

Or this?

The left and media (pardon the redundancy) yakked a lot about purported racism at Tea Party rallies, especially the rally at the Capitol last March.  You fretted and phumphered and worried about our nation falling apart.

Any comment about this?

Not to rush you, but are you planning on furrowing your brows anytime soon over this?

If not – is it because you are, as your colleagues in Milwaukee are reported to be, in the bag for the protesters?

Or is it because your union pressman or cameraman will break your knees?

Let me know, OK?


That is all.

25 thoughts on “Waiting For The Outrage

  1. Wow, I read a transcript of this earlier, but you actually have to see/hear the video of the the lady with the “any children that you claim” comment to see how racist that is. She thinks that black men are just horny guys who bang women and then run out. Granted, single parent households is a major problem in the African-American community, but to assume because he is black, he…….you know what I mean.

  2. We interrupt Chuck trying desperately to avoid tripping over his own tongue with the following FACTCHECK:

    In a previous thread, Doggone pooped out the following lie:

    “Wisconsin had a modest surplus until they recently went into this current fiscal crisis by giving money they didn’t have and couldn’t afford to corporations as inducements….which look a lot like payoffs for campaign contributions.”



  3. At another site I visit often, one consistent liberal commenter was banned for his racist comments. It’s sadly not a rare occurrence.

    On the flip side of stereotypes, racial and otherwise, I have to wonder what this particular gentleman’s story would have been that day if he didn’t look like he could take care of himself. I’d have personally been intimidated by the short haired woman screeching for him to “go back where you belong”.


  4. Too late, Mitch — they’re on to the guy who called Scott Walker and asked him if he had Prince Albert in a Can.

  5. This is like some kind of ironic joke.
    Libs think that the highest expression of femininity is to refuse to bear children.
    “Workers” are babysitters who make $60k/yr and retire at 70% of salary after thirty years.
    And they mockingly refer to to FNC as “Fuax” news while they approvingly quote from “newscasts” by fake newsman Jon Stewart on the Comedy Channel.

  6. The local blow-dry boys don’t care if the taxpayer is being hosed. They’re interested in conflict. They’re not going to go so far as to examine the roots of the conflict. That would be judgmental. Rather to sit back, wait for the conflict to erupt and then make sure they’re there to interview the survivors and make sure the body is count is accurate. Local news? An oxymoron.

  7. Considering how so many of the protesters have tried to liken the events in Wisconsin to last week’s events in Cairo, I wonder if the fellow in the first picture was thinking of Lara Logan when he made that sign?

  8. Kermit wrote: “I don’t think Mitch is a “Regular Schnook”. I think he is outstanding.”
    Made me think of this…
    Judge Smales: I mean, he’s been club champion for three years running and I’m no slouch myself.
    Ty Webb: Don’t sell yourself short Judge, you’re a tremendous slouch.

  9. I had not seen that clip, but it’s yet another illustration of real racists in action! Damn, I wish that I could have been standing there with him so I could have verbally bitch slapped those two loud mouthed goons!

  10. Curious…did Dumpster Queen Eva Young join the SEIU, lose 300 lbs and get a new hairdoo?


  11. How much you want to bet me that when that dyke gaped her pie hole, you could see a chunk of pork-chop stuck in her gullet waiting for room to move down?

  12. I CAME UNARMED…THIS TIME. Ha, ha, just kidding Mitchketeers, don’t y’all go soiling yourselves as is your tendencies. Your timing is, as always, impeccable:

    An Indiana state official who tweeted that riot police in neighboring Wisconsin should “use live ammunition” to clear out pro-union demonstrators has lost his job.

    Mitch asks, “…is it because your union pressman or cameraman will break your knees?” No Mitch, it’s because we’re deathly afraid that you kooks will mow us down in the streets, Kadaffi-style!

  13. Oh Timmy the toad from the Organization of St. Paul Moochers comes out from under his rock!

    Actually, Timmy, the mowing down in the streets would be the actions of a desperate person or persons losing power. You know, like you libturds at the state and Federal level. Get ready for the voters to “mow down” the rest of your miscreant minions in 2012 with their votes.

    Now, scurry back to your hiding place, cockroach.

  14. Thanks for the link TiminSTP.
    What a contrast – A Republican (an assumption on my part as the article doesn’t mention Jeffrey Cox political affiliation) Deputy Attorney General (1 of 140 in the office) is fired by the Republican AG in Indiana for advocating via a heated “twitter exchange” with far-left publication “Mother Jones” that riot police should use live ammo in controlling mobs in Madison. Further down in the same article, US Rep. Michael Capuano, D-Mass, is quoted as saying: “I’m proud to be here with people who understand that it’s more than just sending an e-mail to get you going. Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary,”. Elsewhere I read that Capuano’s remarks were met with rousing cheers at the union gathering where he made them and that he later gave a political non-apology apology for remarks made in the ‘heat of the moment’.
    So one guy – the Republican, gets fired for vitriolic remarks he made in the heat of the moment by his boss, another Republican. The other guy – the Democrat, receives cheers for the vitriolic remarks he made from his fellow Democrats.
    Thanks again TiminSTP for the article link (MSNBC-what a shock) so that the Mitchkateers could compare and contrast the way political parties deal with party members who advocate violence.
    Now you can get back to tying the noose you plan to lynch Clarence Thomas with. Or, wait, are you with the committee to make Scalia sleep with the fishes? “Y’all” have so many racist violent tendencies, one is never sure which group “y’all” are affiliated with.

  15. I’d mow the MFers down in a heart beat,,,GTF out of my way.




    Oh, was that vitriolic? Sorry.

  16. Tim,

    What SE said. Your story shows the distinction between us. We censure the most depraved among us. You applaud them.

    don’t y’all go soiling yourselves as is your tendencies

    Your grammar is as atrocious as your logic.

    Now don’t go smoking meth and molesting children, as is your tendency when you are made to look like a monkey in an argument. Which is always.

  17. Which is always.
    Yep. Every single time. At least Doggie makes cogent (if fallacious) arguments. Unlike Tim, she exhibits evidence of education.

  18. OK, the deputy AG made the comment and was fired by Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller, a Republican like Governor Mitch Daniels.

    OK, I’m waiting for liberals to apply the same standard to themselves….what was your point again, Tim? ’cause I’m seeing a lot of the same from the left, and they’re not seeming to care about the matter.

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