The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel – which seems to have done a fair job of covering the Wisconsin Fleebaggers – has busted an SEIU hack bragging that the Milwaukee media was complicit with the union in trying to smear then-candidate and now-governor Scott Walker.

Using his cell phone, a Walker campaign staffer recorded a 15-minute talk in which Morgan laid out what he said were his union’s plans to tie the problems at the O’Donnell Park garage and the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex to the Republican nominee.

The Walker aide, Michael Brickman, didn’t disclose who he was during the one-on-one chat. He gave a false name and occupation at the end of the conversation… The union staffer bragged about his ability to garner news coverage of his anti-Walker events from local TV stations, which he called “willing partners” in his endeavors. He also disclosed that he secretly runs an anti-Walker blog at, which prominently features Weishan and SEIU’s criticisms of the county exec.

Via Dan Riehl, a partial transcript (full transcript available in PDF form here):

2: I work for a union. I work for the Service Employees Union.

1: S…E?

2: SEIU. It’s a big janitors union based in Chicago.

2: Yeah, I do political lobbying, communications work, research and media.

1: Oh, so you’re like big time in this thing.

2: I’m kinda at the center of like a maelstrom right now in terms of kicking Scott Walker’s ass. I’ve been

kicking Scott Walker’s ass for two months now. We’ve been on TV; we’ve done all kinds of stuff.

1: You guys did TV?

2: No, We just get Channel 4 to come down with their news cameras and just a …. do news.

1: They seem like they do a pretty good job covering you guys.

2: Pretty good. You’ve seen that stuff?

1: Well just like the anti-Walker stuff.

2: Yeah, they’ve been really willing partners in it. They come in with the TV cameras and (channels) 58,

12 come, and 6 doesn’t always. But yeah, they’ve been really helpful. They think it’s fun.

1: Do they get the message? Do you think they agree with you?

2: Sometimes. It’s not perfect, but yeah, they get our message across.

1: [inaudible]

This, if it pans out, should be placed alongside “JournoList” as prime evidence in the indictment of the mainstream media on charges of liberal bias from the top down.

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  1. I’m just going to keep posting this in every thread until Doggone sees it (assuming she already hasn’t, which is an assumption out on a tenuous limb):

    In a previous thread, Doggone pooped out the following lie:

    “Wisconsin had a modest surplus until they recently went into this current fiscal crisis by giving money they didn’t have and couldn’t afford to corporations as inducements….which look a lot like payoffs for campaign contributions.”


  2. Fake but accurate! Dan Rather would be proud.

    Foot, Doggie has shown that she is fairly bereft in the integrity department. Like most liberals. As I said to Mitch yesterday, “Don’t hold your breath”.

  3. “Doggie has shown that she is fairly bereft in the integrity…”

    Some points worth making are worth repeating ad nauseum until they’re rote axiom.

  4. Agreed. That’s why I have said “If it wasn’t for double standards, liberals would have none” about a hundred times.

  5. Mrs. Teasdale was last seen citing Mother Jones yesterday. As a practical matter, she’s no longer living in a recognizable world and has moved to Pendergastia.

  6. The city of River Falls Wisc passed a resolution last night…taking sides with the gov’t employees over the taxpayers. Any readers may want to send the mayor and city council a POLITE email thanking them or saying you disagree.

    As an occasional visitor (and shopper) to River Falls, I sent them a very polite email. Mostly suggesting that they should be more risk adverse when it comes to hot political issues.

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    But if the One Ring of Misunderstanding is thrown into the Crack of Stupidity, we may all be saved.

  9. Chuck;

    Yea, sure he took a personal day off!

    What a freaking tool that guy is. I agree with one of the commenters that said if that moonbat worked for me and put my company in a bad light like that, I would walk him out the door myself when he cam back to work.

  10. If I was this Walker aide I’d hire 24 hour security. These people are not to be fucked with. He just exposed what we have been saying for years. Then again Andy Stern is probably the most powerful man in America right now, or Soros.

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