4 thoughts on “Collapse Of Higher Education?

  1. Hey! This post doesn’t have any comments yet. Here you go!

    In a previous thread, Doggone pooped out the following lie:

    “Wisconsin had a modest surplus until they recently went into this current fiscal crisis by giving money they didn’t have and couldn’t afford to corporations as inducements….which look a lot like payoffs for campaign contributions.”



  2. The lie wouldn’t be as pathetic if the fact of the budget deficits hadn’t been announced….


    No kidding; people were warning about this in 2008, 2009, 2010…..it’s like liberals cannot read the papers or something.

    Which, given that they write them, by and large, is a really neat trick.

  3. The once adorable gopher now shows he’s another rodent. I say put out poison for the vermin!! Vitriolic enough?

    Hey DG, you’re being called out on your comments, put your tail between your legs, come out of hiding, and stand up to your words. Do we have to put a call out to Illinois?

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